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Every spring we bring our sales and leadership together, off site to spend time together, enjoy the fellowship of our teammates and to learn from each other.  The Chipman Sales & Leadership Conference enables team members from across our six west coast locations to share customer successes, learn new moving industry best practices and instill Chipman Core Values in everything we do.
This year our conference will be held in San Ramon, California and in the new home of the Chipman headquarters, March 13th - 15th.  We look forward to seeing everyone again in San Ramon!


A taste of what to expect from last year

Locations & Dates



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Marissa Zaragoza

Executive Assistant | Chipman Relocation & Logistics
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March 13th

March 13th

Residential Meeting

10:30am - 4:15pm
Corporate Vallejo Meeting Room 
6:00pm - 9:30pm 
Company dinner, awards ceremony, and charity casino event in the San Ramon Marriott Ballroom

March 14th

Commercial Meeting

8:30am - 4:30pm
Corporate Vallejo Meeting Room
Eric Stang
Eric Stang

President, Integrated Relocation Management
jim stevens
Jim Stevens

Chief Operating Officer
M3 Commercial Moving and Logistics
6:00pm - 9:00pm 
Group dinner and private moving screening at The Lot Bishop Ranch 

March 15th

Commercial PandaDocs & HubSpot Meeting

8:30am - 3:30pm
Corporate Vallejo Meeting Room 

Code of Conduct for Chipman's Sales & Leadership Conference

Dress Code:  
Business Casual
Code of Conduct for Chipman's Sales & Leadership Conference

At Chipman, we are dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. By adhering to the following principles, we can collectively create a Sales & Leadership Conference that promotes collaboration, growth, and continued success at Chipman


Fostering a Positive and Inclusive Environment:

  • Actively engage with colleagues and practice active listening, open-mindedness, and respect for differing opinions.
Collaboration and Growth:
  • Actively collaborate with colleagues, contributing insights and ideas during discussions and breakouts.
  • Seek opportunities for personal and professional growth by participating in breakouts, seeking feedback, and maintaining a healthy level of curiosity.
Integrity and Professionalism:
  • Act with integrity in all interactions, and demonstrate ethical behavior and decision-making throughout the conference.

Representing Chipman:

  • Dress appropriately for conference events, reflecting the professional image of Chipman.
  • Communicate effectively, showcasing a positive attitude and enthusiasm for our organization.
  • Uphold Chipman's core values in all interactions.
  • Respect and maintain the confidentiality of information shared during the conference, including internal discussions and client-related matters.

Core Values 


Customer Driven

We provide an outstanding experience and unparalleled quality to every customer, every time.

Build Positive Relationships

We practice open communication and cultivate long term relationships by committing to treat every colleague, client, and partner with respect.

Win Together

We win as an organization when we actively work together, across boundaries, to achieve our shared goals.

Find Solutions, Deliver Results

We find creative solutions to challenges with the goal of serving our customers’ needs.

Say It, Do It, Own It

We take action and ownership for our commitments.

Be Trustworthy

We maintain the highest standards in everything we do while acting with integrity and honesty.

Pursue Profitable Growth

We pursue responsible growth and sustainable profitability to give our customers the experiences they expect and provide our employees with the opportunities they deserve.

core values
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