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2024 Leadership Conference

2023 Leadership Conference

Every spring we bring our sales and leadership together, off site to spend time together, enjoy the fellowship of our teammates and to learn from each other. 

The forum enables team members from across our seven west coast locations to share customer successes, learn new moving industry best practices and instill Chipman Core Values in everything we do.

The five main goals of our meetings are:


  1. Celebrate our individual and collective success
  2. Build comradery amongst our team members
  3. Laugh and have fun
  4. Stay in tune with the Chipman Organization
  5. Participate in workshops so we incrementally get better at our jobs.   


Team alignment is essential for Chipman leaders to make strategic decisions and set goals and priorities for the company. By creating a scheduled time for our company leaders to brainstorm and hear each other's successes and challenges, we find creative solutions and areas of improvement that evolve and improve our organization. Every meeting is different and unique and they always get better each time we spend time together.  We love to celebrate our people, our teams and the success of the organization! 

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