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As America was beginning to emerge from the Great Depression, Arthur Chipman left the farms of Iowa for a better life in San Francisco. In his 20’s at the time, Arthur landed a job painting submarines at the Mare Island Naval Base. To earn extra income, in the evenings, Arthur started moving the belongings of service members and supplies throughout the base. After a couple years, Arthur was confident that he could leverage his side hustle as a mover into a dream of owning his own business.

Chipman team in 1939

In 1939, Arthur and his wife, Dorothy, founded Chipman Moving & Storage in Vallejo, California. They began with only one truck, a small warehouse and, most importantly, a commitment to helping individuals and companies through the challenging process of moving their home or business. Fueled by hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit, Arthur and Dorothy set out to build a family-owned moving company that would stand apart from all others by delivering superior quality to every customer, every time.

photos from Chipman's history

Today, more than eight decades later, Chipman continues to be family-owned and operated, and has grown to become one of the most successful moving and logistics companies in the country.

We deliver value to our clients by specializing in the tailored management of household goods and dynamic corporate assets throughout the world. What sets us apart is not only Chipman’s vast offering of client centric services and 1 million square feet of warehouse space throughout the west coast, but our employees’ commitment to our Core Values and One Chipman culture.

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Chipman is a growing, debt free and the largest relocation and logistics company on the west coast with service centers in Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Napa, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

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