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Sphere iQ is a customizable technology platform offered to Chipman’s customers using our warehouse services. It delivers complete visibility for every item across all projects, nationwide, anytime. This technology provides access for our clients to see real time activity 24/7 and place orders online for any product in stock.

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  • Customer Portal based on ecommerce experience
  • Real time item and order tracking
  • 24hr. dock to stock guarantee for
  • Quick access to product
  • Robust and customized reporting
  • Cycle counts
  • User friendly ordering experience

Real Time Visibility

The Chipman team can set up customized inbound reports that can be automated to be delivered as often as you like, weekly or even daily, eliminating the typical receiving report paperwork that tends to be overwhelming. Sphere iQ has an e-commerce experience, similar to popular online shopping websites. Place your order, specify the date needed, and we’ll get back to you with scheduling confirmation.

Customized Reporting

Sphere iQ provides full visibility, to both inbound and outbound product.  You can view inventory on hand, schedule outbound shipments, view existing outbound orders and find out which are pending and which are fulfilled. 

You can also export your inventory on hand at any given time, and we can provide customized reporting direct to your inbox as often as you like.  

Sphere iQ provides the visibility you need to track every product on every project; at your convenience, providing complete transparency on what has arrived and what has been delivered.


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