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Moving out of a home is stressful enough, but imagine the level of stress moving an entire business would be. Having to move twenty years of documents, forty-plus sets of furniture and corralling a hoard of disgruntled employees can only be described as a nightmare.  On top of all that, you happened to choose an unprofessional and inefficient mover who damaged and lost half the contents of your best client's documents.

Did you get a headache just thinking about that? Choosing the right mover can be your saving grace when relocating a corporate office. Chipman Relocations, a leading office relocation specialist, is here to offer up three tips to avoid moving day disasters that will eliminate your stress and make for a fantastic start to business in your new location.

Most quotes are not binding

“I was given a quote based on 2,000 pounds at 45¢ per pound and was instructed that this was the most accurate way to pay since square footage is an estimate of about $7 per square foot and obviously a box of pillows weighs less than a box of books,” Dustin posted at ConsumerAffairs. “So my initial estimate was $1,170: $900 for the initial 2000 lbs, and the rest was made up of a $45 fuel charge, $75 elevator charge at my current residence and $150 stair charge at my final destination which is on the 3rd floor.”

But the actual charge, he says, was 25% higher.

It turns out that's not unusual. Dustin got a non-binding estimate. It was only an estimate of what the charges would be and moving company estimators, by and large, estimate low to beat the competition. Dustin could have asked for a binding estimate, requiring the moving company estimator to tell him exactly what the move would cost. It's almost a certainty that quote would have been higher than the non-binding estimate.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) a binding estimate must accurately describe what you are shipping and list all the services you are getting. Companies like Chipman Relocations will be honest with you about the cost of their services and is dedicated to working with you and making sure you are aware of the prices and process step by step.

Protecting Property

When choosing a relocation company, you want to make sure that the company treats your possessions with care. Offices hold immeasurable amounts of valuables ranging from documents to stationary furniture. By hiring a reputable transporter like Chipman Relocations, the stress of moving is cut in half knowing that your belongings are well taken care of by a trained and honored professional.

Chipman Relocation has the “highest level of professionalism and excellent customer service provided” says Di Xiao D., who recently moved to Los Angeles from Sammamish, WA. Chipman is dedicated you property's safety and treats your livelihood as if it were our own.


Scheduling is another key point to consider when relocating businesses. Offices are often rushed and complicated because of a building manager's set date of vacation. When hiring a moving company you need to be sure they can accommodate your needs and the short time you have to move an entire operation.  Be sure that all dates and limitations are understood beforehand so that their company and your company are on the same page when it comes to moving. Explicitly tell the company when to start the moving process, how long you have to move, and when the entire course is over.

“Moving is all about planning and execution and this is where Chipman excels” says Gary J from Cupertino, California. Chipman Relocations is all about time management and making sure that your business is vacated and relocated as scheduled with the upmost care and conviction.

Much like choosing the new location itself, choosing a moving company should not be done lightly. Moving is always stressful but when it comes to your livelihood, there is no room for cutting corners. Chipman Relocations takes as much pride in your business as we do our own and are dedicated to caring for you in a timely and organized manner. Relocating an office is never easy, but with the help of a caring professional like Chipman Relocation and these helpful tips, the process should harbor as little stress as possible. You might even find yourself and your company having a good time. Contact an office relocation specialist at Chipman Relocations today to learn more about our services and be one step closer to successfully relocating your business. 

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