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The announcement that your business office is moving can come along with resistance and negativity from your team. Sometimes, a move means fewer work hours, disruptions in scheduling, and possibly even significant changes in commute times or workflow. To keep your team excited about the necessary transition, try these three ways to get your employees to see moving in a more positive light.

Reaffirm Job Security

In today's job market, only 20 percent of employees say they feel their job is secure. Therefore, when employees hear relocation, one of the first things that may come to mind is being let go or losing their positions. If there are initial objections to the relocation, let your team know that the workforce and the number of open positions will not change despite the relocation.

Employees will be much more comfortable and confident about helping during the transition if they do not think their jobs are in jeopardy. A few tips to make sure your employees feel secure include:

  • Be open about your reasons for relocating

  • Keep lines of communication open between leadership and team members

  • Be transparent about any perceived changes in scheduling during the move

Make Everyone on the Team Feel Important

Take the time to designate different tasks and roles for every team member. When employees feel valued as part of the relocation project, they are more enthusiastic about the transition. In addition, studies show employees who feel valued are more driven, more likely to be content with duties, and more engaged. These attributes are incredibly important during a move.

Assigning tasks you are confident they can handle is the easiest way to ensure your employees feel valued. However, positive praise, showing gratitude for a job well done, and even offering special perks like paid lunch on Fridays can help.

Plan a Special Event for Employees After the Move Is Complete

A company picnic, a cookout, or even a laid-back potluck day when employees can all bring food to share with the office can be fun for everyone. To make the relocation less daunting, consider hosting a special event after settling your transition. Post a memo or let everyone know about the upcoming event so they have something to look forward to.

Planning a community-focused event is also worth considering if your business will relocate to a different community altogether. Community-focused events help your employees get familiar with people from the surrounding community. Therefore, consider hosting a community meet-and-greet between your team and prospective customers or getting involved in a local charity.

Need Help Planning Your Office Move?

From assistance with project planning and management to post-move support, we can make sure you have the help you need every step of the way. Reach out to discuss your needs as a business owner and get a free up-front moving quote to get started.

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