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If you are reading this post, it is likely that a corporate or campus move is in the near future. Whether expanding or re-organizing, relocating people, technology, information, and furniture is a delicate task for any size business. Like finding a trustworthy doctor or mechanic, how can you determine a reliable partner from a bad story?

Use these four questions as a starting point with your corporate relocation solution, and make sure they measure up!

1. Do they have multi-industry experience?

Why does a variety of experience matter? Corporate relocation services that have diverse experience are more likely to be conscientious and detail-oriented with the unique aspects of your business. Familiarity with your line of work will help the moving and relocation process go forward quickly.

2. Do they work well with technology?

Some years ago, the technology in corporate moving consisted only of disconnecting and connecting wires. Now, technology is more advanced and more sensitive.  Will your relocation solution provider ensure minimal downtime by helping with your IT and network? Also, are they experienced in efficiently handling delicate technology? IT savvy is now a must-have for any corporation considering a move, on campus or interstate.

3.  Will you have an exclusive point-of-contact?

Day to day operations are often eventful and full of surprises. Say you need a last minute adjustment or change in plans, who will you call to make sure arrangements are made? An exclusive point of contact is essential to ensure any new details are promptly met to your satisfaction.

4. Do they pack, move or relocate?

Some companies or local services will only offer, or perform well in certain areas. One service may be experienced in packing, but lack the transportation resources and know-how to give you a stress-free move. Other moving companies may do well at packing and moving, but might lack the expertise and ease of complete end to end relocation. For example, a local company may be experience in packing and transportation, but can they properly handle, store and manage secure files? Take great care to get as many answers as you feel necessary.

When seeking quality benchmarks for these questions, look no further than the corporate movers and relocation solutions at Chipman. The Chipman Relocations team strives to make your move as quick and seamless as possible, so you can get back to business.

Are there other important questions you ask of corporate movers? Let us know if we missed something important or if you would like to share ideas and experiences. Don't forget to share this post with your friends and colleagues who are considering a campus move soon.

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