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Office moves are tricky. And most of your employees will likely find the transition challenging. As these initial challenges escalate, stress is inevitable.

Plan ahead to avoid disruption, loss of productivity, and uncertainty during your office move.

Here are some tips for reducing the stress in your office as moving day approaches.

5 stress reducing tips for an office move

1. Organize an Office Moving Committee

Set up a moving schedule that details all the tasks associated with your move as the first step to ensuring your office move is a success.

Assemble a team of reliable individuals to help you coordinate the moving process. Let them assign tasks to employees based on their specific responsibilities.

Follow up with your moving team regularly to ensure the move is on track.

2. Secure Professional Office Movers

You can reduce office moving stress by hiring office movers who can assist with a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Project Planning/Project Management

  • Furniture Installation

  • Technology Services

  • Commercial Storage

  • Property Support

Professional office movers can handle an efficient, successful move with minimal-to-no downtime. They should provide the professional expertise and equipment required to tackle all your moving needs.

3. Reduce Employee Stress During the Move

As with any change within an organization, employees can experience a great deal of stress over moving. Therefore, you must quickly communicate the news of your office move to your staff to reduce these fears.

Keep your employees informed about the moving process as much as possible, as a lack of communication may result in unnecessary rumors about the move. Therefore, keep your employees informed and involved during the process. 

Prepare a detailed email, newsletter, or brief video to tell employees about the relocation. Ensure the announcement is comprehensive and tells employees everything they need to know. Engaging employees in times of uncertainty requires clear communication.

4. Notify Customers Well in Advance

Inform strategic partners, affiliates, suppliers, and customers about your move at least a month in advance. Post a change-of-address notification, then update your company address listings on your company’s website, social media, bank accounts, and paper and digital stationery. 

Notifying customers and affiliates ahead of time will help ensure that the move does not disrupt your business.

5. Prep Ahead

Visit the new location with key employees before moving in. They might provide insight into the space. For instance, they might give input on practical aspects of the layout specific to the organization that you still need to consider.

It's possible to arrange for the initial installation of new computer systems at your new building if you're replacing outdated ones.

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