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When planning a long-distance move, many moving guides assume you are moving within the same country. What if you're moving internationally?

A move to a different country comes with a unique set of rules that one must follow to make the move successful. Therefore, finding a moving company that specializes in international relocations is essential.

Here are some suggestions to make organizing an international move simpler.

1. Research International Transport

You must familiarize yourself with the rules of any professional moving service in advance. There will be even more intricacies if you are moving internationally.

For instance, boxes and furniture may have size or weight restrictions. Additionally, you may be unable to ship specific items to your new location. Therefore, it is essential to document the moving process to ensure that all your belongings arrive at your new residence.

Ensure that, as you research the rules, they pertain to your destination country. That way, you won't be caught off guard by anything unexpected later.

2. Limit How Much You Move

Usually, the size of the move affects how much it costs. It gets more expensive as you add more items to your move. The cost of shipping a household overseas can quickly increase if you aren't careful about what you pack.

The moving company may impose space restrictions if you're going overseas. Budget, among other factors, determines whether you can exceed that limit.

Plan to pare down the belongings you are bringing as much as possible. Compare expenses and consider replacing particular things once you get there instead of spending the money to ship them overseas. Or, if you’re not prepared to move everything immediately, consider storing your belongings

3. Compile a Checklist of Moving Needs

Relocating across international borders typically necessitates far more planning than a domestic relocation. Visas, permission to bring personal items and other paperwork may be required. 

Plan on spending a minimum of a few months on paperwork. Be sure to renew your passport in plenty of time for your trip.

4. Determine a Timeframe

An international relocation could take more time than a domestic one. It's not just a matter of distance; going through customs, inspections, and other procedures often takes longer when you cross a country’s border.

Get an estimate of the transit time before you book your move. You can begin the process of moving your belongings a week or two before you leave. This way, you won't show up weeks before the rest of your belongings.

5. Find Full-Service International Moving Companies

To plan your move, look for companies that provide international move-planning services.

Once you've identified a few companies, request quotes from each. To guarantee that the service will be offered, it's critical to provide the appropriate moving time.

Look for companies that provide moving coordinators to manage the logistics of your international move. Ensure they have the appropriate experience, resources, reach, technology, and infrastructure to help you throughout your relocation. These essential reassurances can help you during this scary and unpredictable life event.


Lastly, read customer testimonials for international moving companies as you weigh your options. Some businesses may excel at this particular specialty more than others.

We’re Here for Your Move Abroad

Once you know the regulations, organizing an international move can be much more straightforward. Contact us to learn more about your international moving options.

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