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There is no denying pets are a vital part of any family. Ensuring your pets stay comfortable and safe through a household move is paramount in many pet owners' minds. With careful planning, it is possible to successfully move your pet to your new home without stressing it. Below are some tips to help move your pet to your new home.

1. Keep Routine the Same

Most pets thrive on routine, knowing one day will be similar to the next. As much as possible, try to keep your pet's routine the same. Try to keep your routine the same on moving day and in the weeks leading up to the move. A pet that sees boxes and packing supplies scattered through the house may become nervous, but adhering to a routine with playtime and dinner time can help soothe anxious nerves.

2. Provide Quiet Space

Moving can be chaotic, with loud sounds and new people in your house. Make sure you give your pet somewhere quiet to relax. A calm bedroom or closed basement may be perfect for your pet to sit and decompress during the move. Plus, having your pet cordoned off can help reduce the risk of escaping and getting lost. Make sure to give your pet some comforts of home in their quiet space, like a favorite toy, blanket, or bed.

3. Update Information

One of the most important steps when moving your pet is to make sure your pet has updated information that matches your new home address. You'll want to update your pet's identification tags, microchip (if applicable), and veterinarian records. In an emergency where your pet gets loose, you'll want an accurate address and telephone number on your pet's identification tags to safely return them to you.

4. Check Municipality Regulations and Laws


Before relocating to a different city or state, contact your destination's city clerk and veterinarian. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the local laws, license fees, and regulations of your pet. 


5. Overnight Bag

You likely have your own overnight bag packed for your first night in the new house. Be sure to also pack an overnight bag for your pet. You'll want to have familiar comforts for your pet, like a blanket or toy, as well as basic necessities. Be sure to pack plenty of food and treats, a bowl for water, and waste bags. Pack any necessary medications and a medium to deliver medication, like peanut butter or a special pill pocket treat. Have the overnight bag for your pet in an easily accessed location so you can get to it quickly after a long day of moving.

6. Ensure Safe Transport

Transporting your pet from one house to another will likely involve some vehicle journey. Make sure you keep your pet safe in the vehicle during the move. You may need to invest in a new pet carrier, dog hammock, or seatbelt for the journey to ensure your animal stays safe. Remember, keeping your pet restrained in the vehicle will also help keep you safe during transit. Plan ahead and acclimate your pet to the carrier well before moving day.

Moving with Pets Made Easier

Making special accommodations for your pet can be easy if you have plenty of time to plan and prepare for the move. Take the hassle of moving away by hiring professional movers. Our caring team is more than happy to provide a quote for your next move. Contact us today for a free quote!

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