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Moving abroad is a thrilling adventure but requires careful preparation, especially when budgeting for the relocation. It is critical to thoroughly understand the financial considerations involved, from selecting the best international relocation service to considering duties, taxes, and other costs. Here are some budgeting suggestions for your upcoming international move.

Plan and Research

Before starting your international move, careful planning and research are imperative. Think about these potential influences on your budget.

Destination Country

Living costs, home prices, and local taxes vary widely from country to country. Research the cost of living in your target location to determine financial adjustments. Consider housing, transportation, healthcare, education, and daily expenses.

Visas and Paperwork

Check visa requirements and costs for your destination—budget for visas, permits, and other documentation, which can be expensive. Also, consider medical exams, background checks, and translation fees.


Investigate your new country's housing market. Evaluate the total cost of buying or renting a home, including the down payment and any additional fees or taxes. Budgeting for the up-front costs of finding and moving into a new home is essential. Consider rent, mortgage, utilities, property taxes, and insurance.

 Select an International Moving Company

Choosing the ideal international moving company is crucial for a successful international relocation. Take into account the following.

Multiple International Moving Company Quotes

Contact multiple international moving companies for detailed moving quotes. Check out their services, prices, and what they include to ensure you get the best deal for your money. Look for a company that offers a full range of services, such as packing, shipping, customs clearance, and storage. 

International Movers’ Experience 

Choose an international moving company that has been doing this for a long time and has a good reputation. Professional international movers can handle the complexities of international moves and ensure a smooth transition. Ensure they have specialized planning and preparation services.

Movers’ Accreditations

Ask about the movers’ credentials and associations. International movers depend on networks of moving companies to help with services in other countries. Ensure the international moving company in your destination country meets the same standards as your initial company. Check for membership or affiliations with organizations such as

International Move Managers

Determine if your moving company provides an international move manager to assist with the relocation, start to finish. A move manager documents every need and provides a detailed moving plan customized to each personal specification and budget. The move manager advises customers on transit times, travel, customs, and culture throughout the moving process. 

Consider Additional Budget Items

When preparing a budget for an international move, it is necessary to consider all expenses carefully. Here are some additional areas to include as you prepare your budget.


  • Travel Costs

  • Customs Fees and Taxes

  • Insurance

  • Living Expenses

International Moving Requires Planning and Ideal Support

Chipman International provides residential and corporate relocation services in more than 180 countries worldwide.

Our team of seasoned international movers will tailor a relocation strategy to meet your specific needs and budget. You will work with a single, highly-trained relocation specialist overseeing your entire move. 

Our processes ensure a smooth international move. Chipman will exceed your expectations from Paris to Sydney, San Francisco to Rome, and anywhere between! Contact us today for a quote.


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