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Whether you are moving your corporate office or relocating an employee, a corporate relocation specialist can help make the move more efficient and much, much easier. Working with the right relocation specialist enables you to turn the details over to a professional who expertly manages the process and ensures the relocation meets or exceeds your expectations.

For instance, if you are responsible for relocating a corporate executive or new hire, wouldn't it feel great to turn the task over to someone else without worrying about every step of the move?  Many relocation specialists, including Chipman, offer customized services of various levels for executive and associate moves. A corporate relocation specialist can assist with services such as temporary or permanent housing arrangements and new area orientation in addition to fully managing the move from one household to another. Your relocation specialist will discuss the move with you in advance to determine what services you prefer and, based on his or her expertise, make recommendations for the best, most efficient way to handle the relocation.

If you are planning to move your corporate office, a relocation specialist can plan and manage every element, keeping the move on time and on budget with little to no downtime. If you want packing and unpacking services, or require short or long-term storage, simply tell your relocation specialist. If you need office furniture disassembled and then reassembled or IT disconnect and reconnect services, your relocation specialist can arrange it.

As you can see, a good corporate relocation specialist can save you valuable time and a lot of stress by managing a move for you. You only need to make one call to get the ball rolling. In fact, you can simply submit a request form at Chipman Relocations and someone will contact you.

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