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A business relocation opens up new possibilities for your company. However, to maximize the potential of your new location, you'll need to tell customers, potential customers, and suppliers about the move.

Determine Your Message and Branding

Determine your messaging before you announce your move. Always position the relocation with a positive tone. For example, consider the benefits the move provides your customers. Use the same messages throughout your announcement campaign.

You'll also want to have common branding throughout your campaign. Then, consider incorporating that branding into your new office decor.

Contact Some Clients Directly

You'll want to ensure that your significant clients know that you are moving and that you care about their continued business. So phone them ahead of your public announcements to give them the good news.

Use Multiple Media

Once you have your messages and branding and have phoned your top clients, you're ready to announce your move publicly. Again, you'll use multiple media.

Social Media

Social media are a great place to announce your move. You can build excitement by posting messages throughout the process. For example, you might post photos of renovations to the building before you move in.

Snail Mail

It’s a good idea to send your customers and suppliers postcards or announcement letters. You should include the positive messages you established at the beginning of your campaign but tailor them to each type of recipient. For example, the benefits of your move to suppliers will differ from those of your customers.

Also, include your new location and hours of business. Finally, remember to thank them for their continued business.


Send your clients and suppliers an email announcement. Again, include your new location, hours, and positive reasons for the move. After the general information, employees could include a reminder with their email signature. For example, "We will move to 123 Fourth Street on November 5."

Press Release

Send a press release to your local newspaper's business editor announcing the move and its positive reasons. Include a contact name and phone number that the journalist can call for additional information.


Place a banner on your website's home page that announces your upcoming move. The banner should go up a few months before your move and remain until at least six months after the move.

Also, announce your move in your blog, clearly delineating the move's positive aspects, including benefits to your clients and suppliers.

Buy An Ad

Buy an advertisement in your local paper or trade publication to announce your move. Not only will the ad convey positive information about your relocation, but it may also attract the attention of other potential clients. For example, if you are moving because your business has expanded, highlight this in the ads.

Depending on your business, consider radio ads or arranging for an interview with a morning talk show personality to promote your move.

Enlist Help From a Moving Company

A professional commercial moving company can help your move go smoothly. They can help with packing, logistics, and other tasks, so your employees can continue providing good customer service during the moving process. Contact us today for a free quote.

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