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If you are planning a household relocation, you probably have dozens of lists relating to moving plans. One detail to remember to include is planning for your utilities. You’ll need to shut off, turn on, or transfer services. To ensure you don’t end up paying for unused utilities or arriving at a dark home, consider taking the following steps.

Determine Which Utilities and Services You Use

To ensure you finish arrangements for all utilities, create a list of services you use about six weeks before your move. This way, you can add them to the list as you remember them. Standard utilities and services people use are:

  • Electricity

  • Fuel (oil, natural gas, or propane gas)

  • Water and sewer

  • Waste removal

  • Cellphone carrier (submit a change of address if keeping the same provider)

  • Internet/TV/Telephone

Chances are you might have other companies you don’t remember offhand. To identify them, check credit card statements, scheduled automatic withdrawals, and your checkbook to identify which companies you routinely pay for services.

Turning Off Utilities in Your Old Home

About a month before moving, start arranging to shut off or transfer your existing utility services. You can log into your account online and submit requests. In other cases, you may need to pencil in some time for phone calls. Here’s how to handle this task:

  • List all your utilities and remember to include recurring services.

  • Have your account number, account holder’s name, and stop/transfer date handy when you log in or make your calls to help expedite arrangements.

  • Pay off any balances you owe.

  • Return any rented equipment (e.g., cable box).

  • Share your new address with utility companies to receive a final bill, if applicable.

  • Obtain confirmation you successfully canceled or transferred utility service.

  • Schedule your services to be turned off one day after your moving date to allow for delays.

You don’t want to accidentally leave any utilities on, regardless of whether your old space has a new occupant. Not only will you pay for unused services, but forgetting to close and settle them could hurt your credit score.

Turning on Utilities in Your New Home

You’ll probably be anxious to settle in when you get to your new home. However, if you are without electricity, internet, gas, water, or other service, this will put a big damper on your arrival. To ensure utilities operate before arriving, follow these steps about a month before moving day.

  • Research utility companies in your new city to see if there are restrictions on using specific vendors.

  • Compare prices for services you do have control over hiring.

  • See if any of your current utility companies operate in your new city. (If so, simply arrange a transfer without worrying about finalizing and settling bills.)

  • Speak to your HOA or landlord to see which, if any, fees paid to your association or included in your rent are for utilities.

  • Schedule your services to be turned on one day after your moving date to allow for schedule changes.

Upon arrival, check to make sure all of your utilities are on. Have company phone numbers on hand if something isn’t working as scheduled.

Moving Made Easy

Moving is a huge undertaking. To help simplify things, consider hiring a professional mover. We’ll do the heavy lifting and help streamline your moving experience. Contact us today for a free quote!

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