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Whenever it comes time for a household move, packing up a baby's stuff can be a big undertaking with many steps. From decluttering to disassembling the furniture, each step is essential. Below are some things you should do to make packing your baby's nursery more manageable.

1. Declutter

Decluttering is essential to any relocation but vital in a nursery. Babies grow out of their clothes and toys so quickly. So why bring something you no longer need?

Go through your baby's clothes and toys. Give away, donate, or sell anything that no longer fits your baby and any toys that are damaged or no longer of interest to your baby.

Note that if you plan to have more kids, keep items that are still useful. In this case, limit your decluttering to anything with a stain, tear, or damage that would prevent you from using it again. Then pack and label those boxes clearly so you can store them in your new home instead of putting them in your little one’s new room.

2. Gather Moving Materials

Get together everything you'll need to pack. This includes boxes, packing tape, scissors, bubble wrap, furniture pads, and tools you'll need to take apart your baby's furniture.

3. Pack Toys, Leaving Out a Few

Pack up most of your child's toys, leaving out some of their favorites to play with before the relocation. When choosing toys to leave out, select toys your child enjoys playing with most often. Select various toy types, like soft and hard toys, so your child will have toys for all occasions.

4. Leave What You'll Need Accessible

Separate clothes your baby doesn't wear now (too big, not seasonably appropriate) from those they wear now. Pack clothes that your baby doesn't currently wear into a box. Use new cartons in good condition - avoid re-using boxes for baby items to avoid soiling your baby's toys or clothes. Place clothes that currently fit your baby into a clean duffel bag.

Pack a second duffel bag with other items your baby will need, such as diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, spit-up rags, and other things you use in your child's day-to-day life. Leave all duffel bags accessible, so you'll have them when needed.

5. Use Small Boxes for Books

Books can get heavy, even little board books. Large boxes full of books can be cumbersome. Use small boxes to pack books to help control the weight and make moving books more manageable.

6. Pack Area Rugs Properly

Vacuum your baby's area rug. Next, flip the rug so the bottom of it faces up. From the short side, roll the rug so the fibers are on the outside and the backing is on the inside. Use plastic wrap to wrap up the rug and keep it rolled.

7. Disassemble Furniture

Disassemble your baby's furniture if the movers won’t be handling this task. Video record yourself disassembling the furniture so you can watch your process later. This will make reassembling it easier later. Next, wrap the furnishings in furniture pads and tape the furniture pads in place, but do not allow the packing tape to touch the furniture. Instead, keep the tape on the moving pads.

Make Moving Easier With Professionals

Moving is easier when you're working with the pros. Hire professional movers to pack your nursery, move your boxes, and unload the truck. Contact us today to get a quote for your upcoming relocation.

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