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Moving a retail business is a complex task. You must find a new location, develop floor plans, and potentially renovate. In addition, you must alert current customers about the move, all while continuing to hit your sales goals.

Here are some tips for moving your retail business.

Reduce Your Inventory

Begin reducing your inventory as you near the time of your move. Order less merchandise and hold sales to reduce the stock you have.

Choose Your Date Carefully

Try to move during the middle of the slowest season for your business. You'll have some slow times leading up to the move and afterward to get settled.

Consider overlapping lease dates by a month or two to allow you to finish moving out of your old store. Then, with some extra time, you can confine your moving activities to hours when your store isn't open, meaning less disruption.

Plan Ahead

Begin interviewing professional commercial movers as soon as you know when you want to move, especially if you plan to move during the summer, which is peak time. Identify movers that have experience with your type of relocation.

Also, ensure your new store is ready as soon as possible so your move-in will go smoothly. For example, set up utilities and security systems well in advance. Also, if you use part of your premises as a fulfillment center for online orders, consider moving that first so that you can still fulfill online orders while the physical store is relocating.

Communicate with your Customers

Try to talk one-on-one with your most loyal customers -- either in person, by phone, or by email -- before you make a general announcement. Your thoughtfulness will let them know how much you value their business.

Then, post your relocation plans on your website and in your brick-and-mortar store. Enclose information in your packaging, send emails, and post on social media. Send a press release to the local newspaper. Focus on the positive benefits your move will bring customers, such as better parking or increased showroom space.

After your move:

  1. Plan an open house once you've fully stocked your store with new merchandise.

  2. Invite your customers and potential customers in your new neighborhood.

  3. Offer discounts as an incentive for people to visit your new store.

Communicate with your Employees

Employees are critical to a successful retail operation. They are the frontline for your business. Tell employees about the move before you tell customers or make a formal announcement. Involve them in the relocation by asking for their floor layout or lighting suggestions.

Also, prepare information for your employees about the new location's surrounding area. For example, include information about nearby banks, gyms, and lunch spots. Consider talking with some of these businesses and arranging discounts for employees wanting to try the services in the new location. Finally, maintain a positive attitude and take every opportunity to let employees know you value their service.

Hire a Professional Mover to Pack and Unpack

Hire a professional mover for all move aspects, including packing and unpacking. Professional movers pack quickly and efficiently, giving you more sales time and saving you money on truck sizes. Check with your mover about storage options as well.

Professionals also know how to move items safely without damaging them. Contact us today for a quote on moving your retail business.

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