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Relocating a company is a high-stakes endeavor that requires significant time and resources. It is not uncommon for business relocation to involve months of planning. However, most business owners handle the physical transition over a few weeks. Nevertheless, in some cases, a staggered relocation is more sensible.

A staggered business relocation involves moving only specific departments or elements of the business at certain times. This may mean the entire move takes longer but can be more feasible in certain situations. Take a look at a few things to consider to help you decide if a staggered business move is best for your company.

1. How large is your business?

Your company's size can be crucial when deciding on a staggered move. In general, larger companies will opt for a staggered move because they have a larger budget, or the transition can be such a substantial endeavor that moving parts of the business is more logical. Smaller companies may be able to make the transition in just a few days.

2. Can your business function without certain elements?

Many types of businesses can function even if specific departments are in the process of being dismantled and relocated. If you have multiple departments handling different aspects of workflow in a call center, for example, moving specific departments at a time can be more feasible than moving all parts of the business at once. For most small businesses, however, there may need to be more employees to handle tasks at two different locations.

3. Do you need to remain accessible to clients or customers?

Business relocation can easily negatively impact your existing customers or clients, even if you are moving to get closer to a target customer base. Therefore, consider how each step of the move could impact your existing paying customers.

In some business scenarios, it will be imperative that customers still have a way to interact with the business. For example, a legal office may need to remain accessible to clients. However, some companies can close their doors for a few days without detrimentally affecting their customers. Think about what your customers need from you amid the move. If accessibility remains essential, a staggered move could be the best decision.

4. How big is your moving budget?

Sometimes, whether you go with a more staggered transition or move within a short time frame will be determined by how much you have to allocate toward moving expenses. A staggered move may cost a business more money. Moving trucks and movers may cost more if you need them for multiple days.

Build your moving budget and evaluate whether that budget affords more flexibility with the moving timeline. Clutch offers an excellent template to help you determine the best budget for your business relocation, which includes evaluating costs like hiring IT support, paying for a new building lease, and more.

Discuss Your Business Move with Experienced Professionals

Planning an office move can be overwhelming. Transitioning the substantial parts of your business to a new address poses unique challenges. There are countless steps from disassembly to reassembly, and any delays can cost your company money. Chipman's office relocation services ensure a smooth move with minimal downtime. We can handle all your moving needs.

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