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Relocating an office can not only be stressful, but also very costly – depending on the amount of business time lost during the move. When hiring an office mover, you need to know the company you select can provide the resources, equipment and manpower necessary to successfully complete the job with minimal disruption and downtime.

How do you know?

References are a good place to start. Ask for recommendations and look for favorable testimonials, mover awards and industry ratings.  A mover's list of companies served can also be a good indicator of quality. If a mover is trusted by corporations with brands you immediately recognize, you should be able to rely on that mover, too.

When you find an office mover you want to contact, do so and request a proposal. You can judge quite a bit about the mover by the proposal provided. Make sure you thoroughly explain your relocation needs so there is no miscommunication before the proposal is created. Those details should be included in the proposal.A professional proposal will include details such as:

  • Move orientation guide for employees
  • Type and amount of packing materials needed
  • Total cost for your office move
  • Detailed operational move plan
  • Equipment availability
  • Statement of quality and availability of crews
  • Relocation constraints - Origin / Destination
  • Identification plan (color coding)
  • Hourly rates for packing & moving
  • Company's performance and credit references
  • Insurance coverage
  • Arrangement with third-party vendors
  • Emergency back-up procedures

When requesting a proposal from one of Chipman's office movers in California, Washington or Oregon, you can count on receiving a professional proposal that documents all of the above. We want you to feel confident that the movers you hire can successfully complete your office move with the attention to detail required for a stress free move with little to no downtime. And we will honor the confidence you place in us.

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