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If you have thought about moving a business to another state, you are probably already anticipating the stress you will endure. Regulatory issues, cost considerations, lease options, the moving process – many details to consider. However, with proper planning and professional assistance you can successfully make your state to state business relocation without a hitch.

First you will need to decide what state you are moving to, if you are not sure yet. Each state has its own regulations and offers different benefits. Forbes provides a full report on the Best States for Business & Careers that looks at business costs, including labor, energy and taxes; labor supply, as you will want to consider the available workforce; the regulatory environment; economic climate; growth prospects; and  quality of life.  That report should help get you started. You might also take a look at the Tax Foundation's 2013 State Business Tax Climate Index.

Once you know what state you will be moving to, you will need to look at the regulatory issues involved with moving a business to another state. A post at the U.S. Small Business Administration answers frequently asked questions about The Legal Steps Involved in Moving Your Business to a New State. You can also contact an attorney for additional information and assistance.

You will need to select the best location for your business and secure space. You already went through this process when setting up your business in its current location, but if you want tips for choosing your business location, the SBA offers them.

Once you are prepared to consider the actual moving process, you will want to find state to state commercial movers you can rely on to handle the move. With that, Chipman Relocations can help.

In business since 1939, Chipman is a national mover with experience well beyond what most moving companies can offer. Customized services enable you to decide whether you want a full service move with planning and move management , basic move from one location to the next, or services falling somewhere in between.  Read about the various services provided by Chipman commercial movers.  When you are ready, contact us to discuss relocating your business and schedule a free estimate.

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