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Most residential and commercial moves today involve relocating some type of sensitive electronics. In the Bay Area's Silicon Valley, a majority of possessions in a move could be electronic equipment.Moving sensitive electronics requires extra precautions to ensure the equipment arrives at its new location in the same condition as before the move. Whether you plan to pack the electronics yourself or prefer to let a full service mover handle the packing and unpacking for you, taking a few extra measures can mean the difference between a smooth move and a technology nightmare.

Preparing Your Electronics for a Move

If you plan to pack your electronic equipment yourself, the following tips will help:

  • Before disconnecting a computer, back up all important files.
  • Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for tips on moving your specific electronics.
  • Remove any DVDs, CDs or other storage devices before disconnecting players and computers.
  • Label all cords and cables before disconnecting them.  Doing so makes reconnection much easier.  Then use twist ties to secure cables and place them in marked, sealed baggies.
  • Remove toner and ink cartridges from printers, FAX machines and any other equipment. Store each in a sealed baggie and pack with the equipment.
  • If you have the original boxes and packing materials for your electronics, use them. If not, use heavy corrugated cardboard boxes with just enough room for packing materials. Jarring during a move can damage equipment such as a computer's CPU, so make sure they are properly packed.
  • Only use anti-static packing materials designed to protect static sensitive electronic components
  • CDs and software are temperature sensitive. To prevent damage from heat or cold, you may want to take them with you rather than packing them in a moving van unless it is temperature controlled. Talk to your mover.
  • Large screen televisions should be custom-crated. See your manufacturer's recommendations and consult a technician for proper crating.
  • Clearly mark all boxes FRAGILE on all sides.
  • Hire a Bay Area moving and storage company skilled in moving electronics

Chipman's Bay Area Moving Company Knows How to Handle Electronics

When it comes to moving electronics, you don't want to trust your sensitive equipment to a mover who will treat electronics like any other type of belonging.  At Chipman Relocations you will find experienced electronic equipment movers who are skilled technicians well-trained in moving sensitive electronic equipment. The movers use special packing materials and crating designed to protect electronics, and can provide disconnect and reconnect services, if needed. The movers carefully transport your belongings in enclosed, climate-controlled air-ride trucks and trailers with hydraulic lift gates.Chipman takes the extra precautions your electronics need for a smooth move. Contact us today for your free move estimate and experience the Chipman difference.

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