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If you are planning an office relocation, or any commercial move, and have not considered the process of moving IT equipment, now is the time to do so. Without thorough and advanced planning, your company could suffer lost productivity after the move, or worse. Imagine the complete loss of important stored data and the damage that could do to your business.

When planning a commercial move, IT relocation must be a priority, not an afterthought. Consider the following tips to help make your move a success:

  • Include IT relocation in your moving plan. To minimize downtime, IT systems should be fully operational when your staff returns for the first day of business in the new location. But moving IT equipment can be a complex process. Get your IT specialist (or an experienced IT technician) involved with planning the move. Don't wait until moving day to determine when to disconnect your equipment and how to move it.
  • Survey current IT equipment. What IT equipment will be relocated, what will be retired and what new equipment should be purchased? Many companies consider relocation a good time to update their office technology. If purchasing new equipment, include it in your relocation budget and submit your orders as soon as possible. Have a plan in place for disposal of retired equipment.
  • Bring IT, design, engineering together. Schedule a meeting in your new office location to discuss IT requirements before the move. Draw plans for the office configuration. Decide where printers, copiers, fax machines and other equipment will be located and where phone lines, internet and power ports are needed.
  • Backup data in advance. Before the office move, your IT specialist should backup all data systems and store copies off site, if not in the cloud. Allow at least a month to get cloud backup running.
  • Consider professional IT disconnect and reconnect services. Do not ask your employees to handle the IT disconnect and reconnect of their equipment. Don't even allow them to pack the equipment. Damage is less likely to occur when IT relocation is handled by skilled technicians. Ideally, the moving company you select offers IT disconnect and reconnect services, and is fully insured.
  • Moving a server room? Read this expert interview for tips.
  • Have a backup plan. If something doesn't go as planned, you will need a backup plan for business continuity. Have one, or two.

Chipman Offers Technicians Skilled in Moving IT Equipment

When moving with Chipman Relocation & Logistics, you can let our skilled office equipment movers take care of IT disconnect and reconnect for you. Simply request the service when planning your commercial move with a Chipman representative.

The IT technicians will survey your office equipment and setup, identify priority equipment, and determine when to disconnect computer workstations, phone systems, copiers, etc. to maximize your business operating time. Your equipment is properly packed and relocated, then reconnected in the new location and tested. If necessary, the IT technicians will troubleshoot any issues. Your equipment is then dusted and left ready for operation. Moving IT equipment couldn't be any easier!

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