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Communication is important for a successful move. You should be able to easily contact and communicate with the moving company you hire and know what questions to ask before moving day. The following moving tips and advice will help.

Your first communication with a selected mover can give you an idea of what you can expect moving forward. If you try to contact a moving company, whether by phone or online, and do not receive a response within a reasonable time, look for another moving company.

When you do talk to a mover you are considering hiring, the mover should schedule a free no-obligation in-person consultation. Professional movers provide this meeting to survey the items you want moved, discuss services available, and provide a written estimate. If the mover does not schedule this consultation and inspection, look for another mover.

When a moving company representative arrives for the consultation, point out everything you want moved and specify any additional items you will add later. If you want packing and unpacking services, discuss this with the representative. Also mention any access issues the movers might face when loading and unloading. If the movers will need to climb stairs or take an elevator, tell the representative. If you have any questions, this is the time to ask them.

Discuss with the representative preparation of any appliances and mechanical or electrical equipment you plan to move. You are responsible for preparing any such items for the move, but your representative should be able to answer questions or refer you to a service technician.  Some movers can provide the service, but you need to inform your representative at the time of the estimate so the charge is added and technician scheduled.

Unless you request a firm, binding estimate, the representative should explain that the exact cost of your move will not be determined until after all of your items are loaded in the moving truck or van and weighed. If you have questions about the estimate and additional fees, ask your representative at that time.

Your moving company will require payment for services before unloading your items, and many movers will not accept personal checks. If the representative does not explain the payment process and acceptable methods of payment, ask.

Many movers make it possible for you to track you shipment online. Ask your representative about tracking.

Make certain the mover has your contact numbers, including cell phone number(s), and provides you with contact information for your move coordinator or other person in charge of your move. Keep that information with you during the move.

If any changes arise between the time of your consultation and move, notify your representative as quickly as possible. Effective communication before, during and after a move helps ensure your satisfaction with the moving services. If you work with a reputable moving company, your movers will want that as much as you do.

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