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Whether you're looking to embark on a more minimalist way of living or simply need to declutter before an upcoming household move, the 20/20 rule can come in handy. You can gain a stronger sense of organization with a better understanding of what the 20/20 rule entails and how you can apply it to your own life.

What is the 20/20 Rule?

Specifically, the 20/20 rule is something you can defer to when deciding whether to keep an item in your home or eliminate it. The 20/20 decluttering rule aims to assist you in parting ways with those smaller, everyday items you have kept for hypothetical situations but are unlikely ever to need.

According to this "rule," you should typically eliminate the item if you can replace it in less than 20 minutes, costing less than $20.

Benefits of Using the 20/20 Rule

The 20/20 rule comes in handy when you're going through items and struggling to decide which ones you can stand to get rid of and which ones you're better off holding onto. This rule is beneficial when considering keeping an item you haven't used in a long time "just in case."

While the 20/20 rule is more of a guideline than a hard-and-fast rule, it can be a great way to clear out unwanted clutter in your home. From there, you may have an easier time finding things when you need them. Likewise, the decluttering you achieve using this rule can help you feel more comfortable and content in your living space.

Applying the 20/20 Rule Before a Move

If you're preparing to move long-distance or nearby, then there's a good chance you're trying to purge some of your belongings before the big day. Applying the 20/20 rule as you declutter your home, you can eliminate items you no longer need ahead of your move. This will also save on the amount of things you need to pack, saving you a lot of time and hassle when it comes time to do so.

Meanwhile, decluttering with the 20/20 rule in mind can reduce the number of things you need to relocate to your new place—which could also trim moving costs. You probably will not miss any items you discard since you can quickly and affordably replace them if necessary as you adjust to your new space.

So, what can you do with items you no longer need? If they're in good shape, consider selling them at a pre-move yard sale or on an online marketplace, then use the proceeds to help fund your move. Another option would be to donate or give away the items. Any items in bad shape or otherwise unusable can be recycled or trashed as needed.

Need More Moving Help?

If you're struggling to get rid of unneeded items ahead of your move, keep the 20/20 rule of decluttering in mind; it just might help you make more confident decisions while reducing the amount of "stuff" you need to bring to your new place.

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