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August is National Family Fun month, a good time to share tips for moving with your family. Whether you are moving this month or planning an upcoming family move, taking a few extra steps can help make your move more stress-free and fun. Perception and attitude make a big difference. If you help you family see your move as a fun adventure rather than a stressful chore, it will become one.

  1. The most important thing you can do to make your move more fun for all involved is to plan the move early and thoroughly and keep it organized. Feeling rushed or unorganized will make you feel more stressed and take away any time you might have to enjoy the move. If you are moving in August, you will, hopefully, already be prepared. If not, contact Chipman Relocations now.
  2. Moving with children is not easy. If you have children of school age, they may feel traumatized by a move away from their friends and familiar surroundings. Although you probably won't face that problem with younger children, trying to pack and prepare for a move with small children under foot can certainly be difficult. Read the Moving with Children tips and advice provided by Chipman. Print the free coloring and activity pages and add to a box you build of new travel games, activities and small toys to keep your children happily occupied.  You might also check out these Five Fun Road Trip Games from WeGotKidz.com.
  3. Let your children decorate moving boxes. If you are doing your own packing, allow your kids to color on a few boxes or decorate them with stickers before you fill them. Even if your movers are handling the packing and unpacking, you can let your children decorate a box for their activities and personal items to keep with them during the move.
  4. Music soothes the soul and lightens the mood. Create a playlist of upbeat songs to play while packing and moving, including ones you and your family will want to sing along with as well as ones with moving themes.
  5. Make the last night in your current home Family Night. Doing so will mean you must be completely prepared for moving day before the evening arrives, and everyone will have said their good-byes to friends, but this will give you time to relax and have fun together before the big day. Vote on a restaurant or favorite activity to do. You could also take turns talking about your most memorable moment in the home and neighborhood you are leaving. Keep the mood upbeat and make everyone feel excited about your relocation.
  6. If you are moving long distance by car, take a little extra time to enjoy the trip, if possible. Map out the trip like a family vacation, planning fun stops along the way. If you are on a tight schedule, pack a meal and plan a special picnic along the way.
  7. August is one of the hottest months of the year, so if you move this month, be prepared. If you are traveling by car, be sure to have it serviced before the trip. Take bottles of water so everyone stays hydrated. If you are traveling long distance with pets, remember to bring food and water dishes. Also consider the climate you are moving to. If you are moving from Washington to Texas, you might experience a 30 degree or more temperature change.
  8. Although you may feel exhausted when finally arriving at your new home, take a few deep breaths, gather every ounce of energy you can, and show so much excitement that your entire family feels it. It is a new beginning. Make it fun!

Have more tips for moving fun? We want to hear them!

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