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Have you been thinking of moving to a new city? Maybe one that is full of greenery, endless opportunity, and a strong economy? Portland, Oregon is one of the places that we love on West Coast because it has so much to offer. From enjoying the outdoors to getting your dream job, this city gives you a reason to want to pack up all of your things and move. Take on a new adventure in Portland and find out why the city's slogan “Keep Portland Weird” should be a part of your way of living.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should move to Portland, Oregon!


portland seasons

Grab your umbrella, swimsuit, scarves and snow boots. Yes…in that order.

Some of us have only experienced summer and winter and nothing else. In Portland, Oregon you can enjoy all four seasons throughout the year. Yes, you've read that correctly. In the state, there is a mild oceanic climate in Western Oregon and a drier climate in Eastern Oregon. Although it does rain a lot, as locals like to say, “it keeps us lush and green.” Summers are warm and dry with the warmest month being a 79.7 °F August. In the winter, expect it to be mild and very humid with an average temperature of 39.9 °F with snowfall happening a few times per year. In the spring, the weather fluctuates a little more with rainfall, thunderstorms, and warm spells. Similar to summer, fall consists of dry heat until November and then the weather begins to cool. Make sure to pack your umbrella, rain boots, bathing suit, and snow gear because you are in for so many experiences when it comes to the weather.


Be what you wanted to be when you grew up.

Technology. It is the new “thing” here. Yes, there are forests near Portland, but have you heard of Silicon Forest? Think tech start-ups, Intel, WaferTech, Mentor Graphics, and Nike headquarters. The economy is booming with new job opportunities because of companies like Intel bringing in over 18,000 jobs to the city since 2011. There are also other popular companies in the area like Adidas North America, Columbia Sportswear, Keen, and Dr. Martens' US Headquarters. All places, that have provided Portland, Oregon with such a rich job scene. This is why people like you, who are looking for endless opportunities, should relocate because of how much Portland offers. High job availability equals a place for you.


Take an unhealthy number of selfies and photos while exploring the city.

Shop, walk, eat, and repeat. And do it all while not paying any sales tax. This is one of the things that makes Portland even more attractive because if you pay $4.50 for a meal, you will get that 50 cents back. How great is that? On the other hand, if you do not know what to do once you make it to Portland, visit some of these popular places: Old Town Chinatown, Pearl District, RiverPlace, and South Waterfront. And if you love art- Portland is oozing with creativity. It has so much to offer art lovers whether you are an artist yourself or someone who loves to view public art. There are a variety of galleries and street art murals that you can intensely analyze or take selfies with!


portland outdoors

Staycations have never sounded so great.

Portland, although very business-like, is known for the outdoor activities. If you are into enjoying the snow, Mt. Hood has year-round skiing. The six skiing areas to go to are Timberline, Mount Hood Meadows, Ski Bowl, Cooper Spur, Snow Bunny, and Summit. Off the snow and onto the road, biking is really big in Portland. Ranked 3rd place out of 50 U.S. cities by Forbes for Biking, it is one of the most bike-friendly places in the country. So, do not forget to pack your bike! If you enjoy hiking, there are a lot of places outside of the city that you can take a tiny road trip to. Tryron Creek State Park, Kelley Point Park, Tamanawas Falls, Powell Butte, and Forest Park are only a few places to hike out of all the parks in the area. You will never know you are exercising because you will be too distracted by the breath-taking views.


Embrace your weirdness in a city of weird.

Portland has a slogan- Keep Portland Weird- which is meant to highlight the quirkiness of the city. A nickname for Portland is the City of Roses because it is home to The International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park. This park has more than 5-acres with 7,000 rose bushes with 550 different types of roses. Something else that Portland keeps in abundance is books. Get your read on at Powell's City of Books which is the largest used and new bookstore in the world that houses over one million books spread out along an entire city block. If you are a bookworm, start packing now to enjoy those reads! Finally, one of the other things that make Portland unique is you cannot pump your own gas. The state of Oregon, along with New Jersey, does not allow you to pump gas which is convenient when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

If you were having second thoughts about moving to Portland, you should consider it! You are basically an expert in all things Portland, Oregon now. From the outdoor activities to the job opportunities, what place would have a better mixture of business and pleasure?

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