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Moving to a city that you're unfamiliar with can be one of the most daunting or exciting things you can do. To most, moving might be a chore or a necessity, but for some, it could be the start of a new lifelong adventure. Out of the many hundreds of cities to call home, San Diego is one our favorite cities along the West Coast. From beautiful sandy beaches to genuinely chill West Coast vibes, there are countless reasons to call San Diego your next home. So, pack your bags and see for yourself why San Diego has been named “America's Finest City.”Here are our top 5 reasons, you need to move to San Diego yesterday!


san diego skyline

The weather literally is perfect. All year round.

The West Coast is known for its amazing sunny weather. You can rock a tank top and shorts during the day and a light jacket for evening adventures. However, when it comes to California and comparing its many cities, San Diego's weather is king. The city is known to have the most temperate weather in all of the US, with average temperatures in the 70's almost all year round. Talk about perfect weather, even its neighboring city LA can't compete! You can even argue that the temperate chill weather created the very casual, easy-going San Diegan lifestyle. San Diego is the perfect escape from the scorching hot summers of the South or the tundra of the Midwest and Northeast. If you're ready to live life enjoying the outdoors without freezing or melting, San Diego is the place to be.


san diego hiking

Who doesn't want a cool Instagram pic on the edge of a cliff looking out into the distance?

In our busy day today, it can be extremely difficult to fit in some much-needed exercise and R&R. Work-life balance is extremely crucial for your mental and physical health. Luckily, San Diego is packed with many great outdoorsy adventures to embark on. Reconnect with nature while hitting your fitness goals too. From various hiking trails, state parks, panoramic peaks and beaches – there's so much to do outdoors. One of our favorite hiking spots is the 6.4-mile trek up Mount Woodson, home of the famous Potato Chip Rock. San Diego truly allows its residents to have a work-life balance. The hiking trails on the weekends are bustling with locals and tourists looking to enjoy the great outdoors. Be one with nature again and get that tan you've always deserved.


san diego beach

Become that carefree surf instructor you've always aspired to be or just marvel at the sheer beauty of San Diego's beaches.

San Diego's beaches are by far some of the best (if not THE best) beaches in the United States. Their sandy shores perfectly wrap themselves along the coast of the city, providing the perfect weekend getaway. Though the beaches can get packed during the summertime, people still enjoy the amazing weather in the winter by walking along the shore. The awesome waves of the Pacific Ocean provide amazing conditions for surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing, paddling boarding and other fun ocean activities. Some of our favorite beaches include: La Jolla Cove, La Jolla Shore, Coronado Beach, and Carlsbad. Live life the right way and move to a city where you can bum out on the beach any day of the year.


It's 5 o'clock somewhere, time to crack open a cold one

Nothing pairs better with a sunny San Diego day, then a nice cold craft beer. San Diego has one of the best craft beer and brewery scenes in the country. From microbreweries to the big boys, the craft beer scene is continuing to grow in San Diego. These breweries focus on crafting the best tasting beers with a ton of unqiue and different ingredients. Whether you're a fan of IPAs, Blonde Ales, Ambers, Lagers, Bocks, or the countless different types of beers; there's a perfect cold pint waiting for you at one of the 140 various breweries across San Diego. According to the San Diego Magazine, some of the best 2017 breweries included: Burgeon Beer Co, Burning Beard Brewing Co, Eppig, Groundswell Brewing Company and many other amazing contenders. For a full list, visit San Diego Magazine's top breweries by clicking here. It's about time you stow away your Millers and Coors, to make room for extremely refreshing, non-college-memory-inducing craft brews.


san diego tacos

Unleash the hidden food blogger inside of you and make all your friends jealous.

San Diego is home to a variety of delicious foods with a wide diversity of cuisines. Home to the best fish tacos in America, San Diegans are proud of their foods. Overall, tacos are a must have in San Diego. With heavy influences from their neighbors down south, the Mexican-American fusion of flavors have locals and travelers searching far and wide for the most authentic tacos. San Diego is also the birthplace of the famous Carne Asada Fries, literally the BEST creation ever for fond lovers of cheese, fries, sour cream and guacamole. With the city's proximity to the ocean, seafood is second to none. From sushi to raw oysters, don't miss out on some of the freshest seafood the west coast has to offer. Don't get caught asking to go to an Olive Garden or Chili's for dinner. You will receive nothing but pure judgment as the food and restaurant scene is so much more complex. Move to San Diego, live a full-filing new life.

So if you're asking yourself, “Should I move to San Diego?” The answer is without a doubt, yes!


Now that you know why you should move to San Diego, we can help you get there! Chipman offers a unique and personalized moving service that will handle the process from start to finish, including packing, moving, deconstruction, and reconstruction. Whether you're moving from the city next door or from the East coast to the West, you'll feel less stressed when you use one of our services below.

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