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Transloading refers to the process of transporting containers, cargo, or freight from one method of transportation (vessel, airplane) to another (railcar, truck-bed). Transloading is recommended when more than one mode of transportation is required for the entire duration of the shipment. It is most commonly used when shipping internationally, and across different types of geographical challenges. The entire process will sometimes call for a limited and short amount of warehousing, on a need by need basis. There are many steps within a transloading process, and Chipman Relocation and Logistics is here to help. We provide a wide range of transportation services and offer supply chain management for all your shipping needs.

Transloading vs. Transshipment

Transloading should not be mistaken for transshipment. Transshipment is the process of transporting shipment from one intermediate location to another with only one mode of transportation. This can sometimes cause delays as one mode of transportation can lead to minor scheduling issues. It can also limit destinations, as some rails might not be accessible in certain areas.

Why Choose Transloading?

Transloading has become widely accepted and adopted by many companies for many reasons.

  • Flexibility: The use of different modes of transportation allow for flexibility. Transport your cargo anywhere with any method that works best for your route and business.
  • Efficient & Timely: The entire process is simplified through proper planning and management. Define routes and methods beforehand and move your shipments to their destinations quickly and orderly.
  • Lower Costs: Because transloading is a much more efficient form of transportation, it helps reduce domestic freight spend. Consolidated loads and flexible modes of transport also allow for lower costs.

Commonly Shipped Products

  • Oversized Cargo: military machinery & vehicles, transformers
  • Special Materials: cryogenics, climate controlled products, hazardous materials
  • Common Materials: metals, liquids, raw materials, lumber, palletized materials
  • Much more: the possibilities are endless

Chipman Relocation & Logistics Services

Chipman is here to help you handle all your logistics and shipping needs. With service centers throughout the West Coast, and a worldwide network of agents, Chipman Relocation & Logistics can help you plan your next big move. Contact us today!

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