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In our last post we explained a few basic LTL freight shipping terms, but as you get more involved with shipping your goods you will hear many other common terms used in logistics. If a transportation company asks if you need white glove delivery service, would you know how to answer?

As a convenience to our customers, we have compiled a list of a few other common terms used in logistics with easy-to-understand explanations for each one. If you have questions, please contact Chipman Relocation & Logistics for more information.

What is White Glove Delivery?

White glove delivery is a premium service often requested for fragile or high-value goods that require safe and secure or temperature control transport. White glove service could include inside pickup/delivery, packing & unpacking, debris pickup, disassembly & assembly and other convenience services.

What is Inside Pickup / Delivery?

Inside pickup and delivery is a service provided when a driver must go inside the location rather than pick up (or deliver) at the loading dock or door. This type of pickup and delivery requires more time than simply backing up to a loading dock. Therefore, an additional fee is usually charged for inside pickup or delivery service.

What is 3PL Warehousing?

3PL (third party logistics) warehousing is warehouse services provided by a third-party company outside of your organization. 3PL warehousing eliminates the costs of owning and operating a warehouse. Some 3PL warehouses provide integrated services such as inventory management, pick and pack, distribution, final mile delivery and installation.

What is Final Mile Delivery?

Final mile delivery, also called “last mile delivery,” is the delivery of a shipment to its final destination. Final mile delivery could be the delivery of furniture or fixtures to a hotel or multi-family property. It could involve delivering equipment to a lab, or products to the buyer's home or office. It is the last leg of the supply chain.

What is Cross Docking?

Cross-docking is a flow-through distribution system in which inbound freight shipped from the supplier or manufacturer is received at the dock, unload, sorted and reloaded onto outbound trucks or rail for direct distribution to the customer. Little to no warehousing is involved. Cross-docking may be used for merchandise pre-packaged at the manufacturing facility for direct delivery without the need for storage and the pick and pack fulfillment process. Cross-docking is also used for perishable products requiring quick delivery, and by retailers for products with constant demand.

What is Pick and Pack?

Pick and pack service involves the disassembly of a shipment, selection of individual products from the shipment, and then the repackaging of the items picked for delivery. In many cases, a warehouse receives and stores freight until the merchandise is needed. Warehouse personnel will then pick ordered products out of the stored inventory and repackage for delivery. This process could involve breaking down pallets of cases to pick and pack individual items or cases for shipment.

What is Reverse Logistics?

Reverse logistics is the flow of goods from what is generally the final destination back through the supply chain for recapturing value or disposal. It may involve returning damaged or recalled products to a manufacturer, returning surplus or seasonal merchandise to stored inventory, sending packing materials for recycling, or disposing of obsolete equipment. It is basically the backward flow of products.

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