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Courtesy of United Van LinesDid you know that if you are moving to a new city, or trying to decide which city in a general area you should relocate to, the United Van Lines moving company provides neighborhood research data to help? All you need is the zip code(s).

Explore Your Destination with United Van Lines

When moving to a new city, it takes time to become acclimated. You need to find nearby grocery stores, gas stations and banking locations. You will want to know what restaurants are in the area, where the schools are located, and what shopping options are available near your new home. Through Explore Your Destination, a neighborhood research guide, you can quickly and easy locate them.

For instance, if you recently moved to Portland, OR and want to find the nearest grocery stores, you simply enter the zip code and click Grocery Stores. You can find public transportation, hospitals, hardware stores and more with the interactive map. But that's not all.

Learn about Your New City

Curious about the demographics of the city you are moving to? Want to know the average low temperature in January, or the average high in July? Click on “Learn More” under “City Profiles” to get a City Profile Report, also available directly here.

Through the City Profile Report you can learn about the population, climate and crime risk of your destination city.  You will also find data on the average home sale prices, the number of vacant homes and much more.

Not Sure Which City to Move To? United Van Lines Data Can Help

Perhaps you secured a new job in the Bay Area and are trying to decide whether to buy a home in Palo Alto or Santa Clara. Simply click on “Learn More” under “City Comparisons,” enter the two cities and click to compare. You can also access the City Comparisons directly here.

In this comparison, you will see that Palo Alto is the more populated city, with more married couples than Santa Clara. The average household income is higher in Palo Alto, although Santa Clara has a higher percentage of white-collar jobs. A majority of the homes in Palo Alto are owned; in Santa Clara the majority are rented. And, the crime risk in Palo Alto is more than double that of Santa Clara, according to the data.

If you have school-aged children, school reports may also help you decide which city to move to. United Van Lines offers school reports here, which can also be accessed through Explore Your Destination under “School Reports”.

Need a United Van Lines Moving Company Agent?

If you need help moving, we welcome you to partner with Chipman Relocation & Logistics, agent for United Van Lines. A full service moving company in business since 1939 and the largest United Van Lines West Coast agent, Chipman can provide the top quality services you will need for a stress-free move. From packing and cleaning during move out to transportation, unpacking and cleanup in the new location, we can handle it all. If you need a home theatre set up or storage services for some of your belongings, we can provide it. You decide what services you need.

Whether you are relocating from city to city, state to state or around the world, Chipman is the United Van Lines moving company you can trust for a quality door-to-door relocation. Contact us now for information and a free quote.

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