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An office move is challenging, so completing a successful business relocation is cause for celebration. Here are ideas for celebrating once your office relocation is complete that will show appreciation for your customers, suppliers, and staff.

Distribute Gifts

Consider distributing appreciation gifts that favorably reflect your brand and give the recipient something useful.

The gifts don't necessarily have to be expensive. For example, you can present them at an office-warming party or employee post-move celebration. You also can hand them out individually with a thank you note.

Hold a Ribbon-Cutting Event

To formally "cut the ribbon" and open your new office, you could invite a representative from the community. Also include traditional media, bloggers, and influencers for your industry to publicize the ribbon-cutting. The ribbon-cutting event also provides an excellent opportunity to give tours of your new space.

Celebrate With a Party

Most businesses celebrate their new location with a party for employees, customers, and suppliers. Budget for the party as part of your moving plan and establish an employee committee to plan it well beforehand. Serving on the committee can be a great team-building experience and will help employees remain enthusiastic about the move.

The first task is to determine a theme. Next, the committee will consider how formal the party will be, depending on the company culture and community. Once the committee establishes the date, theme, and formality, they'll send invitations. The company logo on the invitation will ensure customers notice them in the mail.

Consider hiring an MC and a DJ, depending on your company's culture and clientele. For example, you could ask employees and customers for their favorite hits and supply a playlist.

Food and drinks will add to the celebration. The move presents an opportunity to use a caterer in your new neighborhood. Simplify the meal so that everyone can easily interact. 

Make a Donation

If the company moves to a new city or state, donating to a local charity might be an excellent way to announce its ties to the new community. Consider charities that fit with the brand's values. For example, a communications company might donate to a charity that tutors people on reading skills, or an engineering firm might contribute to a scholarship fund for those studying STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Another way to link the brand with the donation is to choose a charity you'd like to partner with. For example, it could be a charity with opportunities for employees to volunteer or that you might later work with to co-sponsor an event.

Hold An Employee Scavenger Hunt

Consider a scavenger hunt that will be fun and also introduce employees to the new office layout. Offer a prize, such as extra time off or a gift card, to the employee who wins.

Make Your Office Relocation Easier

Use a professional mover to ensure your office move is worthy of celebration. We have been an industry leader for over 80 years, giving us the resources and experience necessary to relocate your company anywhere in the world quickly and with minimal downtime. Contact us for a quote today.

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