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Certain items need a higher amount of care during transportation. If you're looking to move anything that is fragile, extra important, or simply more difficult to move, then white glove services are just what you need to transition your items safely from A to B.White glove delivery services are unique in the fact that they handle everything from start to finish. This includes safe packing and transportation of your items to the unpacking, inspection, and the disposal of packing materials all with the utmost attention to detail. By using white glove delivery, you don't have to hassle with any part of the moving process.

Residential & Commercial White Glove Services

We provide white glove moving services for both residential and commercial moves. For residential moves, we focus on the littlest details, from putting down proper coverings throughout your home to minimizing any level of damage even down to the grass on the lawn. We'll make your residential move stress-free and easy as we take care of your most important family heirlooms.

For Commercial moves, we focus on getting your items to you quickly and in great shape. We will pack your office or warehouse with care and then unpack and set everything up at the new location. Making it easy for you to focus on your business, not the logistics of moving.

At Chipman, we place extra care into moving your most important items. Our white glove service will provide you with peace of mind as we handle all your fragile pieces with the care needed to ensure safe delivery and set up. Choose Chipman for all your moving and logistic needs and rest easy knowing everything will be handled with the highest level of professionalism possible.

Chipman Offers White Glove Services for Any Type of Move

Now that you know what white glove moving services are, we can help you get everything moved! Chipman offers a unique and personalized moving service that will handle the process from start to finish, including packing, moving, deconstruction, and reconstruction. Whether you're moving from the city next door or from the East coast to the West, you'll feel less stressed when you use one of our services below!

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