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After months of planning, moving day is here. The day, for many people, is hectic and emotional. Factoring in all those last-minute tasks can feel overwhelming. So it’s good to know what you should expect to help you battle relocation anxiety.

Plan for Children and Pets

You have probably already made arrangements for your children and pets. Be sure to get them to their caregivers before your household movers arrive to make things less hectic. Planning to have small children and pets in the care of a trusted family member, friend, or neighbor is safer for everyone involved.

Clear Walkways

Check the sidewalk that the movers will use that leads up to your home, and remove toys, potted plants, branches, excessive leaves, or anything else that could be an obstacle. Do the same for the porch or foyer areas to facilitate entry and exit points.

Double Check Boxes

If you’ve done all your packing and didn’t schedule packing assistance, double-check your boxes to ensure you sealed and labeled them appropriately. In addition, you’ll want to note what’s in the boxes and designate which rooms your movers should place them in at your new home. This will help ensure a more seamless move and much less work to sort things out upon arrival.

Set Up for Mover’s Arrival

Be ready for the movers' arrival and prepare any last-minute questions when you speak with the crew leader when they arrive at your home.

After greeting your movers, review the paperwork, bill of lading, and any relevant documents to ensure everything is correct. Once everything looks good, you can sign the necessary documents, and your movers can start to load.

Review the Written Inventory

Before the movers begin loading your belongings on the truck, carefully go over your written inventory. This list will ensure your possessions arrive at the designated address in the same condition they left your home. Next, take photos of the furniture and containers in each room and add a detailed description.

Check Your First Night Bags

Place your first night bag or box in your vehicle. Ideally, keep these separate from the boxes on the moving truck to have them available immediately upon arrival at your new home. If these containers don’t fit in your car, let your movers know so they can be last on, first off, at the other end of your move.

Do a Final Walk Through

As the movers load your boxes, furniture, and other belongings onto the moving truck, do a final walk-through of your indoor and outdoor areas. This way, if you inadvertently forget anything, you can pack it. Check all cabinets, drawers, closets, attic, basement, garage, and outdoor areas.

Moving Made Easy!

Knowing what to expect on your moving day will ensure you have a safe, happy, and easy move. Are you ready to get planning? Contact us today for a free quote.

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