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Sometimes, you must move on a particular schedule for a job or other life-changing event. However, if you have flexibility, you can often save money and have a faster move by choosing your date carefully. And, even if you do have a moving deadline, you still can save money with a few adjustments.

Here is some information about the best times to make a residential move.

Best Months to Move

Most people move during the summer because they have more time, and a summer move enables their children to start the school year fresh. If you are moving in summer, you're apt to have good weather, but you'll need to schedule the move well ahead.

If you can move in the off-season (mid-September through April), you'll typically have more scheduling availability with your professional moving company. If you're moving long-distance, your shipment may arrive faster. And, you may receive lower rates than if you move during the summer.

Depending on where you live or are moving, weather may also be a factor in deciding when to move. Autumn and early spring generally have good weather conditions, allowing you to avoid the peak-demand period. In some areas of the country, winter weather can make moving challenging; however, winter rates may also be lower. If you're concerned about taking time off from work, you can make a local move between Christmas and New Year's, depending on the weather.

If you move in winter, be flexible if the weather forces a rescheduling. And ensure driveways and sidewalks are free of snow and ice on moving day.

Best Time of the Month

Most people move near the beginning or end of the month because that's when most leases end. So, demand for professional movers will be lower if you move in mid-month. The reduced demand means you don't have to schedule your move so far in advance. It also may save you money.

Best Days of the Week

Most people move on the weekend because they have time off from work. However, if you can arrange your schedule appropriately, try moving midweek (Monday through Thursday). Demand is lower then. Also, if you move on a weekday, you'll have the weekend to unpack in your new home.

Best Moving Company for Your Move

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