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Lamps can be difficult to pack because they are fragile. It is better if each individual part is packed separately. Remove the bulb, lampshade, and lamp harp, and make sure your lamp is unplugged before you start packing it.

Lamp bases

Wrap the base, harp and bulb separately in newsprint. (Use paper pads for large lamps.) Place them together in a carton, filling spaces with crushed paper. More than one well-cushioned lamp may be packed in a carton.


Never wrap lampshades in newspaper; ink from newsprint can mark the shade's linen.  Carefully wrap each shade in three or four sheets of tissue paper, a pillowcase or a large lightweight towel.

Use a sturdy carton at least two inches larger all around than the largest shade to allow for movement. Line it with clean paper, using crushed paper under the lampshade to create a protective layer but not around the shade. A small shade can be nested inside a large one, if you are sure they will not touch. Silk shade should be packed by themselves to avoid stretching the silk. It is best not to pack any other items with lampshades.

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