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Even if you contact every person you know and every company you do business with to inform them of your new address, there is always a chance you missed someone. To make sure you don't lose any mail, submit a change of address with the Post Office. You can even do it online or by phone for a small fee of $1.

How It Works

To change your address online, go to www.usps.com. Read the privacy act statement and Privacy Policy, and acknowledge you've done so to continue. Indicate if your move is permanent or temporary. The Post Office's definition of “temporary” is less than 12 months. If you'll be gone longer than 12 months indicate that your relocation is permanent.

Next, specify if it's just you moving or your entire household. The Post Office can sort your individual mail if you're the only one leaving. Set a specific date to start forwarding your mail, bear in mind the Post Office might take up to 10 days to process your request. Enter your current address and your future address.

The $1 fee is charged to verify your identity and ensure it's really you who's requesting to reroute your mail elsewhere. You must pay with a valid credit card that's tied to your current address. If you'd rather not pay, you can manually fill out a change of address form at your nearest Post Office branch.

The Six-Month Limit

This service is only provided for six months. During this time you should update your address with anyone still trying to contact you at your old address. If you need more time to make sure you're getting all your mail, you can request to have another six-month extension.

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