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Chipman Relocation & Logistics provides a variety of helpful moving tips and tricks to make your move easier and more stress free.

1. Photograph electronics before disconnecting & moving

Imagine you disconnect all of your electronics and pack the cables from each together in a box. By the time you unpack, you've forgotten which cables go with the various devices and how they should connect.

Before disconnecting and moving electronics, take photos of how they are connected. Wrap and label each cable. (Labeling cables before taking photos works best.) This simple process will make reconnecting much easier. See more tips for moving electronics here.

2. Keep packing supplies handy

We know packing to move can bring disarray to a home or office. Keeping up with small packing supplies while you work can be difficult; they could easily become covered by boxes and other items in the room after you set them down.

The solution? If you have an apron or tool bag, load it with your tape, markers, labels and other small items you will need while packing. It keeps them handy and eliminates the lost time you could spend repeatedly searching for them.

3. Don't use trash bags for packing

You may have heard that trash bags work well for packing items such as linen, throws, pillows and clothing. However, if you use the same type of trash bags for packing as you use for actual trash, on a hectic moving day someone could mistakenly throw one of the bags away. Trash bags can easy tear open, so many professional movers will not move items packed in trash bags. Stick to boxes and other proper packing materials.

4. Use plates to pack plates

Some people use Styrofoam plates to pack their glass plates. Simply place a Styrofoam plate between each of your wrapped glass plates for added protection. It helps prevent them from clanging together.


5. Pack heavy items in small boxes

This tip may seem obvious to some, but many people will fill a large box with books and other heavy items when packing. That makes the boxes much more difficult to lift and carry. Pack heavy items in small, sturdy boxes and leave the large boxes for clothing, linen and other items that do not weigh as much. Pack according to weight, with heavier items at the bottom of a box.

6. Pack sheets, pajamas in dresser drawers

After a day of moving, you will be ready for a good night's sleep in your new home. Exhausted, you do not want to spend hours searching through boxes for sheets and sleepwear. If you pack a set of sheets and pajamas in each bedroom's dresser drawers, you can easily find them and get the rest you need.

7. Don't let the stress get to you

Moving can be very stressful. In fact, a move is one of the most stressful life events a family will experience. Everyone feels tired. Routines are disrupted. Things go wrong. It is easy to snap at a loved one without thinking.

Decide before you first start packing that you will keep your sense of humor during the move, and you will help others keep theirs. Laughter is the best medicine to help you manage the stress of moving.

One final tip:

Save yourself the stress of packing and moving. Make your move happy and stress-free! Contact Chipman Relocation & Logistics, a top United Van Lines agent.

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