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Portable moving and storage container

Portable moving and storage containers offer a convenient alternative to moving truck rentals for do-it-yourself moves. They also provide an ideal solution for remodeling and renovation projects as well as any residential or commercial relocation. If you are considering renting a moving truck for your upcoming move, or you have thought about renting a portable moving and storage container, whether for relocating or storing your goods, read this first. Find out what you should know before making the call to rent one.

Moving and Storage Containers vs. Moving Truck Rental

Portable moving containers provide several benefits over renting a moving truck. For instance,

  • You can let someone else do the driving for you. Driving a large moving truck is different from driving a car or passenger truck. It is not an easy task.  Turning, backing up, and parking one of the long and wide trucks can be difficult, even for an experienced driver. You will likely feel stressed every time you pull into a fuel station, rest stop or restaurant along the way to your destination. It is much easier to request pick-up and delivery of a portable moving container and let a professional driver handle the transportation.
  • Unlike moving trucks, portable moving and storage containers sit at ground level, making loading and unloading in a do-it-yourself move much easier.
  • You won't feel the pressure of a tight timeframe.  Many moving companies rent portable containers by the month, so you can have more time for loading and unloading than you typically would when renting a moving truck. When comparing costs of portable moving containers vs. moving truck rentals, consider the extra time and how nice it will be to load and unload at your leisure.
  • You know what the move will cost when renting a portable moving and storage container. When renting a moving truck, you will pay for fuel, which is not cheap, plus insurance and any tolls. You could also incur charges for additional mileage, and may need to pay for towing your vehicle if you don't have someone to drive it.
  • If you want to place items in storage, you won't need to load and unload multiple times. Once your items are loaded into the portable moving and storage container, they remain inside, securely locked and protected, until you are ready for them.  Some companies that rent moving and storage containers also offer warehousing services for short or long term storage of your loaded moving container.

What to Know About Renting Portable Moving and Storage Containers

Before renting a portable moving and storage container, consider the following tips:

  • If you prefer to have a professional packer handle the packing and unpacking, loading and unloading for you, find a company that also provides those services and request the costs be included in your quote. Some companies such as Chipman Relocation & Logistics provide full service for local and long distance moves as well as for renovation projects and storage services.
  • When comparing services and prices, consider the container size and weight limit. It varies, depending on the company you choose. If you only looked at the price, you could be comparing the cost of a 5'X7'X8' with a container that is 8'X8'X16'and offers much more space.
  • Get an idea of how much space you will need before contacting a company. United Mayflower offers a space calculator to help you determine if you need one or more containers. Keep in mind the space calculator applies to an 8'X8'X16' container. If you later decide you need an additional one the company you select will deliver it, but it's better to know in advance so you can plan your budget and decide where you will park your container(s).
  • If you are unable or prefer not to store your container onsite, find a company that offers warehousing services in addition to rental and transportation.

Parking Your Moving and Storage Container

The company you contract with will deliver your moving and storage container to your home or business on a scheduled date. Before scheduling delivery, determine where you want to park the container(s).

Moving containers are designed to easily fit in a driveway, which is the recommended place to park one. If you prefer to park a container on the street, check with your local city or country government to find out if you can legally do so and if you must obtain a permit.

Once your container is delivered, you cannot move it. The wheels are locked upon delivery. If necessary, you can request the moving company come back, unlock the wheels and move the container, but you will incur an additional charge.

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