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When it comes to the big day of moving, it is essential to have moving supplies to make the moving transition run smoothly without any bumps on the road. Although packing tape, cardboard boxes, and scissors are just your basic essentials, there are more things that come in hand to make things easier.

There are many items needed in order to have a successful move, as well as finding moving services with great house movers- and not all of the checklist items are obvious. In order to assist this tedious task, we've gathered a list of all moving supplies, equipment, and moving services that you will want for your short-distance move or long-distance move. 

Packing Supplies

Plastic Wrap: It isn't necessary to purchase plastic wrap only usable for moving concerns, but it is crucial to have at least one roll of durable plastic wrap to use for wrapping certain items. There are items such as plates and couches that need to be wrapped in order to avoid breakage or damage from shifting around during the move. Another notable reason would be bottle leaks from spilling and damaging items, two layers of plastic wrap would be sufficient to prevent any spillage.

Packing Tape: The most crucial piece for having a successful move, packing tape. It's important to purchase plenty of packing tape with good quality that will be used for building boxes and sealing them once they are full. It's more than likely you'll need more than one, so purchasing more than 3 would be safer to avoid running out.

Boxes: You can go either two options for boxes: Plastic and Cardboard. Both options are great for storing all of your items in. If you decide to go with the cardboard route, you will need a wide variety of sizes ranging from small to large wardrobe boxes. If you decide to go to the plastic bin route, you can purchase bins from your local convenience store (keep in mind that you will have to do the calculations on your own for the number of bins needed) or rent bins from the moving company of your choosing where they will be sure you'll get enough.

Packing Paper: It cannot be stressed enough that you'll need PLENTY of moving paper to have a smooth move. This will be used to help secure fragile and sharp items in to provide extra stability and cushioning in your bins or boxes. An important fact to keep in mind when purchasing packing paper is, only purchase ink-free paper because the ink can bleed and destroy your belongings.

Tool Box/Set: This is a moving essential that people tend to forget about for their big move. Having a basic tool set can help you disassemble furniture and assemble it once you've finished moving to your new location. If you don't have experience doing such labor, a moving company with their skilled movers will gladly assist you.

Scissors/Box Cutters: These will be needed to cut duct tape, reopen boxes, and break down boxes after their use.

Recycling Bin: To have a green and environmentally friendly move, it's important to have a recycling compost nearby to throw away any unneeded recyclable items after being used.

Labels and Markers: Labelings supplies for the moving process makes life a little bit easier and less confusing. You can use labels and a marker or just simply write on the box with a permanent marker that has plenty of ink to spare. If you're using plastic bins, use either options. Another method that movers use are color-coded stickers that can help identify what room a box should go into or what kind of items are in the boxes. Another thing to note on labels, always write the word "fragile" to alert the movers to be wary of fragile items to avoid any accidents from happening.

Moving Day Essentials

Rental Truck: If you decide to opt out of hiring a moving company, you will more than likely need to rent a truck. Be sure to choose the right size in accordance to the size of your home or facility, you'll get quotes from a couple rental companies so you can get the right price.

Trailers: If the moving truck you chose isn't enough, a trailer can safely carry belongings in the back of your vehicle.

Furniture Pads/Moving Blankets: These are quite helpful to have for cushioning items to make the journey easier for fragile items to your new location. Items that can benefit from this extra padding would include furniture that would shift around while moving such as couches, cabinets, drawers, tall mirrors, and tables.

Lifting Straps: If you're moving without the help of movers or a moving company, you will want to invest in a couple of these to help distribute weight more evenly when lifting heavy items. Keep noted to follow instructions on using these straps to avoid back injuries or any other accidents.

Garbage Bags: The one item that people tend to forget about are garbage bags. These will be useful for throwing away packing paper, used tape, and other unneeded items before, during, and after the move.

Frequently Asked Question

What moving supplies can I live without for my big move?

The bright news is that if you decide to hire professional movers, you won't have to worry much about what you do or don't need because they will bring the supplies needed, including boxes and bins. Movers are prepared to have every supply needed to make sure that your move is stress-free and smooth. 

How Chipman Relocation & Logistics Can Help

Whether you're looking to move from city to city or state to state, Chipman offers a unique and personalized moving service. Our expert staff of relocators, movers, and drivers will handle all your packing, moving, deconstruction, and reconstruction from start to finish. To find out more about what all we can do to help for your next move, explore our services on our site. 

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