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If you decide to unpack yourself, you might find your new home a labyrinth of boxes and furniture by the time our truck starts to drive away. Have a plan in-hand and follow these steps and you'll settle into your new home in no time.

  • Make sure you allow yourself time before the movers get there to do an assessment. It's best to clean, repaint and perform repairs while your space is empty.
  • When the movers arrive, have your payment ready.
  • As boxes are unloaded, check items off your home inventory as they come through the door.
  • Tell your movers how you'd like each room arranged and where you'd like each box so you can begin to unpack.
  • Thoroughly inspect all boxes, furniture and appliances to make sure they come off the moving truck in the same condition they left your old residence.
  • Plug in appliances to make sure they work properly. You arrange with your moving consultant to have appliances and electronics professionally installed and serviced upon arrival.
  • Start unpacking in the kitchen and then move on to your bedroom and bathroom.
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