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One Chipman is a culture of working together as individuals toward an organizational mission — to deliver a remarkable customer experience.

The OneChipman Pledge is the centerpiece of our organization and drives the Chipman Core Values. Those core values establish a workplace culture that our employees can grow, thrive and be successful in. By focusing on the OneChipman pledge and the Core Values that drive our organization we depend on repeatable and consistent actions from our team members that directly impact individual and company performance, which in turn benefits every client and customer we serve.

Chipman Core Values

Customer Driven

We provide an outstanding experience and unparalleled quality to every customer, every time.

Build Positive Relationships

We practice open communication and cultivate long term relationships by committing to treat every colleague, client, and partner with respect.

Win Together

We win as an organization when we actively work together, across boundaries, to achieve our shared goals.

Find Solutions, Deliver Results

We find creative solutions to challenges with the goal of serving our customers’ needs.

Say It, Do It, Own It

We take action and ownership for our commitments.

Be Trustworthy

We maintain the highest standards in everything we do while acting with integrity and honesty.

Pursue Profitable Growth

We pursue responsible growth and sustainable profitability to give our customers the experiences they expect and provide our employees with the opportunities they deserve.

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