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Chipman Relocation and Logistics is an established leader in the moving and storage, commercial relocation, and logistics industry. Chipman is an asset based organization with full service facilities located in San Diego, Los Angeles/Orange County, San Francisco/Bay Area, Napa/Sonoma, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle. We believe in reinvesting in our people, growing and innovating for the betterment of our clients and being active and supporting the communities in which we operate.

As a family owned and operated organization since 1939, the organization is in its third generation of ownership, guided by principles that have guided the business for over 80 years. Our team is committed to delivering quality and an excellent customer experience through our nationwide and global resources. Our financial strength, committed capacity and established global partnerships consistently deliver excellence in relocation and logistics services. Our clients and customers uniquely benefit from our teams’ commitment to be One Chipman to everyone we serve.

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