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Women Recognized in Professional Logistics Services

The Women in Trucking (WIT) association in April announced the creation of a new award designed to highlight the growing influence of women in the field of professional logistics services.

The Distinguished Woman in Logistics award was officially launched during the Transportation Intermediaries Association's inaugural Great Ideas Conference & Exposition held from April 9–12 in Tucson, Arizona.

The award, announced during the conference's Women in Logistics session, is a reflection of the growing gender equality in professional logistics services, which includes third-party logistics, supply chain management, warehousing, and shipping.

The Distinguished Woman in Logistics award is just one of many industry honors now given women in the field of professional logistics services.

The WIT also recognizes women in logistics with the Influential Woman in Trucking Award, launched in 2010. The award recognizes the long term achievement of “women who make or influence key decisions in a corporate, manufacturing, supplier, owner-operator, sales, or dealership setting.” The honoree “must have a proven record of responsibility and have mentored or served as a role model to other women in the industry.”

Organizations like Achieving Women's Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education (AWESOME) and Women in Logistics UK also seek to reward excellence and acknowledge the dedication and impact of women in this traditionally male-dominated industry.

The contributions of women in logistics were also recognized at the fifth annual Salute to Women Behind the Wheel event honoring female professional drivers. The event took place during the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY and was open to female professional drivers and their immediate families.

Every award and event honoring women represents a steady drum beat of change in professional logistics services.

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