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Focus on the future of your business and let Chipman decommission your previous location with our comprehensive decommissioning services. From small office moves to complex facility projects, Chipman plans and executes strategies related to asset disposition, transition plans, de-installation of assets, harvesting of hardware and software assets, and migration of assets and data—while maintaining a completely secure chain of custody.

Chipman’s decommissioning services are tailored to your business and your industry. Leave it to our trained logistics and IT professionals to protect your assets and minimize costs during your relocation.

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Chipman Decommissioning Services

  • Furniture/equipment deinstallation and removal
  • Project Management
  • Asset liquidation
  • Asset removal and repurpose/recycle
  • Asset appraisal
  • Asset storage and warehousing
  • Lease surrender
  • Facility decommission and final clean
  • IT asset disposition
  • Electronics recycling
  • Data destruction

End-to-End Project Management

Chipman takes care of 100% of your decommissioning needs from a single source and on a single invoice. From the initial planning phase to readying your property for resale, we manage every step so you can focus on the day-to-day of your business.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all projects—we build a plan specifically for your business in order to reduce waste, guarantee compliance, and maximize efficiency. Our breadth of decommissioning services is unmatched, and our in-house capabilities—including Chipman’s fleet, warehouses, refurbishment facilities, IT department, and professional movers—ensure an efficient and timely decommission, regardless of scale.

Your business is facing the future. Let Chipman handle your past with professional decommissioning services.

Sustainable Decommissioning

Chipman believes in responsible decommissioning, which means we do everything in our power to prevent waste and minimize your carbon footprint. Our network of resellers, recyclers, and non-profits along with Chipman’s own recycling and refurbishing facilities guarantee a zero-waste decommission—or as close to it as possible. And, because we own our fleet of vehicles, we are able to optimize timeliness and space efficiency to reduce emissions.

Asset ResaleAsset RecyclingAsset Donation

Asset Resale

Chipman’s vast network of resellers ensures the highest return for your reusable assets. Other assets can be resold after visiting Chimpan’s refurbishment center, where we up-cycle used assets and harvest valuable materials.

Asset Recycling

Chipman recycles assets at our facilities to reduce waste. Assets that we can’t recycle in-house are sent to specialized recyclers for safe and sustainable liquidation.

Asset Donation

Chipman maintains partnerships with hundreds of national and international charities and nonprofits. By donating assets like office furniture and old electronics, we help you minimize waste and contribute to the greater good.

The Chipman Decommissioning Process

Timeline and Pre-planning

A dedicated project manager develops a bespoke plan for your decommission. We begin by learning about your needs and developing a project timeline.

Inventory and Appraisal

Our specialists take inventory of your office furniture, equipment, IT and electronic infrastructure, and other assets. We appraise for value and devise sustainable liquidation opportunities.

Furniture De-installation

Chipman carefully de-installs and disassembles your assets to protect their value. We are certified to de-install most equipment, including heavy machinery, IT equipment, medical and lab equipment, and furniture.

Asset Decommissioning

We transport your assets to our refurbishment and recycling facilities for reuse or resale. Or, they are sent to a specialized recycler in our network. If you wish, we will donate furniture to one of our many non-profit partners.

Data and Document Collection

Your digital assets and sensitive files are dealt with in a secure manner. Our in-house IT team manages data harvesting and destruction. We can also relocate your data and documents to a location of your choosing for destruction or storage.

IT and Electronic Asset Decommissioning

Chipman removes your digital infrastructure, including hardware and software, to protect your trade secrets and maximize the return on your electronic investments.

Property Cleaning and Refurbishment

Our professional cleaning and refurbishment team makes your decommissioned space look as it did the day you moved in. We take every step to prepare the location for resale or lease.

Why Choose Chipman for Decommissioning Services

Chipman’s 80 years of office and commercial decommissioning experience has made us one of the most trusted logistics teams in America. Our unmatched breadth of decommission services ensures that your business is able to move forward seamlessly, while we take care of restoring your previous space and maximizing the value of your assets.

The Most Comprehensive Solutions: Over the past century, Chipman has grown into one of the best-equipped and most versatile providers of decommissioning services. We can manage all of your decommissioning needs, no matter the complexity or the scale.

Minimize Downtime: Save time by working with a single logistics company that takes care of 100% of your decommissioning needs. Focus on the future of your business and let Chipman decommission your furniture, liquidate assets, harvest data, and retro-commission your previous space.

Achieve Zero Waste: Chipman’s sustainability promise is that your decommission and relocation will achieve zero waste—or as close to it as possible. Our extensive network of resellers, specialized recyclers, and nonprofits ensure that your unneeded materials are responsibly liquidated or contribute to your bottom line.

Value-added Recovery Services: Turn your unneeded assets into cash with asset recovery services like asset reuse, asset refurbishment, parts recovery, and asset recycling. We own our processing facilities for repair and refurbishment, guaranteeing low costs and a reliable return on your investment.

Industry-specific Teams: Chipman’s decommissioning teams are staffed with industry specialists who understand your business. We decommission IT firms, medical labs, retail centers, warehouses, and more.

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