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A leader in commercial relocation for over 80 years, Chipman has the global reach and expertise to move your business quickly and efficiently.

Chipman’s commercial relocation services simplify the moving process for your business. From initial project planning to decommission and cleanup, our fleet of professional movers and project managers handle every aspect of your relocation so you can focus on the day-to-day of your business. Or, select only the services you need from our world-class commercial solutions, and we will build a moving plan that fits your business and your budget.

Our Commercial Services

No matter the size or the industry, your business is in better hands with Chipman.

Office MovingFurniture Management & InstallationIndustrial/Machinery MovingWarehouse RelocationDecommission ServicesTechnology Services

Office Moving

We relocate your workplace without interrupting your business. Chipman has managed thousands of office relocations around the nation and internationally. Don’t risk a loss of productivity. For us, the most complex office moves are just another day at the office. Reliable, trustworthy, and dependable.

Chipman employee carrying containers out of an office

Furniture Management & Installation

Chipman’s managers are experts in space optimization and furniture Installation. We prepare your new space to fit your existing furniture and optimize it for productivity. We install furniture of all sizes, case goods, workstations, moveable walls, etc. No project is too big or too small for our expert installation crews. Knowledgeable, efficient and experienced. 

Industrial/Machinery Moving

Chipman has been relocating machinery, industrial equipment, and construction materials since 1939. Moving your heavy assets requires mathematical precision—the slightest inaccuracy can cause damage during transport. Chipman has the knowledge and the vehicles that other movers don’t (or can’t) provide. 

Warehouse Relocation

Chipman has been an industrial relocation specialist for over 80 years. Our staff includes experts dedicated solely to warehouse relocation and heavy asset moves. We have access to specialized equipment such as cranes, trailers, and high-capacity forklifts in order to reduce your costs and ensure a faster, efficient and safer move.

Decommission Services

Chipman’s decommission services include the traceable disposition of physical and non-physical assets from your previous property. We protect the value of your assets with careful asset de-installation and disposal, data migration, hardware and software harvesting, and more.

Technology Services

Chipman has a complete team of professional lT network installers who specialize in disconnecting and reconnecting your data services with zero downtime and zero risk. They oversee the relocation of servers, computer workstations, and all physical and non-physical IT assets.

Why Businesses Choose Chipman

Why do the most successful businesses in America choose Chipman for commercial relocation? We’re the mover of choice for businesses for many of the largest companies in the country because we don’t just help our clients move—we help them get better.  We are partners with our clients, we appreciate their business and they value the collaborative relationship that we have built with each one of them.

Productivity Optimization

Moving to a new location can upend your day-to-day. Our Project Managers optimize your new space for your existing infrastructure to improve your workflow, conserve space, and boost efficiency. 

Minimal Downtime

The #1 goal of Chipman’s commercial move teams is to minimize interruptions to your business. Our sizable fleet of diverse vehicles, expert staff, strategic locations, and cutting-edge technology services allow us to move businesses quickly and prevent downtime. We’re proud to report that most businesses that choose Chipman experience zero downtime during relocation. 

Protection of Assets

Moving sensitive assets such as complex machinery, software, data, and physical documents requires the utmost care and discretion. We consider your assets to be our personal responsibility, which is why we assign custom handing and security protocols to all of your materials.

Global Network

With Chipman service areas covering every state along the west coast and a global network of agents, we guarantee fast, efficient relocation no matter the size of your move or the location of your destination. Whether you’re relocating to Main Street, Maine, or Malaysia, Chipman will get you there.


Our commercial relocation services team is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. With decades of experience and thousands of commercial projects completed our team can develop a solution for any project. Customer driven, solution focused, easy to partner with.

Our Sustainability Promise

Every move we make leaves an impact on our planet. Chipman is dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of your relocation. Our sustainability efforts go above and beyond the basic industry requirements because we understand that sustainability in the logistics industry is about more than meeting green goals—it’s about improving the efficiency and reliability of our services.

Shipping container with mover

Chipman’s environmental policies include:

  • Ensuring our fleet meets emissions standards
  • Reducing waste and using space and materials efficiently
  • Strict recycling protocols during relocations and at our offices
  • Regular review of eco-friendly performance of contractors and employees
  • Prioritizing the safety of our staff and communities
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