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Your Warehouse Moving Experts

In operation since 1939, Chipman is an experienced warehouse relocation specialist with a team of quality professionals who have the knowledge, skills, and equipment required to perform an efficient industrial or warehouse relocation.

Whether you’re moving a small facility or planning a complete plant or warehouse relocation, our Project Management team and dockmasters will provide complete turnkey services you can rely on. Chipman has unlimited access to the equipment required and resources needed to handle any size warehouse relocation on time and on budget, nationwide.

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Warehouse Relocation Services From Planning to Moving

Chipman’s warehouse moving services provide everything from a complete relocation plan to managing every detail of your relocation. Contact us today to start your warehouse relocation.

Our Warehouse Relocation Services:

Complete Turnkey Relocation Solution

Relocating a warehouse requires a lot of resources, planning, and flawless execution. Chipman warehouse relocation experts will handle your relocation from start to finish.


A Single Point of Contact Project Coordinator

Your Project Coordinator for your warehouse move will keep you informed of the project status and be your point of contact for any questions.

Virtual Pre-Move Survey and Budgeting

Our estimating team will work with you in person or with a virtual survey of your warehouse to develop the estimate for your relocation.

Consultation & Customized Project Planning

Our warehouse relocation experts will work with you to develop an efficient move strategy as well as develop a plan of execution.

Disassembly and Reassembly of Pallet Racking

Chipman Relocation will efficiently disassemble your pallet racking, transport it to the new warehouse, and reassemble it to be ready for your stock.pallet Racks

Pallet Racking Purchase Options (new & used)

Often, a new warehouse incorporates different square footage and footprints, requiring new pallet racking. Chipman Relocation provides you with purchasing options to complement your existing pallet racking.

Pallet Racking Buyback

Chipman offers a buyback program for racking you no longer need. Talk with your project manager to discuss your options

Nationwide Transportation Services

Chipman Relocation provides local to national transportation services. Whether you are moving the warehouse across the town, state, or country, we have you covered.

Equipment Rental

Often, a warehouse move requires a temporary increase in available resources. We offer equipment rental options to help your relocation go smoothly.

Floor Striping

Chipman warehouse experts will work with you to plan and execute warehouse floor stuttering for walkways, designated traffic aisles, and safety borders.

Warehouse Safety

Warehouse safety requires a well-planned layout, traffic patterns, markings, and more. Chipmen will help your warehouse management team get started on the right footing for warehouse safety.

Warehouse Liquidations

Whether you need assistance with partial or complete warehouse liquidation, let us help. Chipman has the resources to liquidate warehouse equipment, pallet racking, shelving, conveyors, forklifts, and any other material handling equipment.

Heavy equipment and machinery moving

Moving a warehouse is more than pallet racking and inventory; equipment and machinery are also part of the move. Chipman has you covered here as well.

Disconnect and Reconnect of IT Equipment

Modern warehouses are marvels of technology. Chipman’s warehouse relocation teams include IT experts who will ensure your IT equipment smoothly transfers and integrates with the new warehouse.

Experienced Warehouse Relocation Professionals

Chipman’s warehouse relocation team will plan and manage every detail of your relocation, focusing on safety, efficiency, and staying on time and within budget.

Chipman Relocation and Logistics is a premier partner and member of the Office Moving Alliance (OMA). OMA is a partnership of over 75 nationwide market leaders and service providers in 350+ markets, providing commercial relocation and workplace services on a global scale. We partner and align very closely with the OMA team to deliver seamless warehouse relocation services anywhere you need us.

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