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Chipman provides national Move, Add, Change (MAC) relocation services on the campus of some of the largest corporations. As a leader in this space, Chipman developed a web based MAC relocation tool for our clients. Our technology solution is called Motion iQ. Motion iQ is a proprietary move inventory and project management tool that drives communication, quality of service, analytics, and customer engagement.

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Benefits of Motion iQ

  • Web-based portal accessible via laptop, desktop or tablet.
  • Provides administrative access for program editing and project creation.
  • Provides ability for both Chipman Team and Customers to monitor the progress of a project as well as access to project information and reporting.

Tablet based mobile access to Motion iQ App

  • User-friendly mobile platform for the recording of project inventory data.
  • Provides Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.
  • Data in App and Portal updates several times per minute to best ensure data and communications are current across all platforms.

Value of Motion iQ to our clients

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  • Transparency
  • Cost savings and efficiency
  • Confidence/Peace of Mind
  • Valuable analytics
  • Insight and ability to make informed move decisions
  • Captures changes and updates associated with the every project
  • Reduces liability
  • Strongly encourages high quality of work (Accountability)
  • Improves useful and efficient communication within on-site Team and either/both off-site Chipman Team and Customers

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