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Whether moving offices to another area on campus or relocating to a completely new location, a corporate move impacts your employees as well as your business. Proper planning helps reduce the stress involved. In recognition of National Stress Awareness month, Chipman Relocations is pleased to offer a corporate move checklist of tips to help you make your corporate relocation more stress free.

To ensure you are properly planning for your corporate move, you need a solid checklist. A checklist helps you plan out the move and confirm you are meeting each step necessary. The following checklist will help you get started with your own relocation list, one that better guarantees you and your employees plan and prepare for the upcoming move.

  • Once you decide to make a corporate move, start planning for the move immediately. Planning is the key to a successful corporate move and can take as much time as you have available, up to a year for a major corporate relocation.
  • When you know the basic details of your corporate move such as the general date and location, as well as which employees you will relocate, plan a meeting to discuss the move with your employees. If you delay the announcement, rumors of the move will likely spread and your employees will feel the stress of worrying about what they don't know. Will they need to move? Will they lose their jobs? It is better to discuss the details with them as soon as possible. Psychological studies show that being informed about and prepared for a corporate move can significantly reduce any negative impact.
  • Select team managers within each of your departments to help coordinate the move and serve as the first contact for employees with questions and concerns. These may or may not be department heads.
  • If your corporate move will require some employees to relocate from their current homes, consider points made in this article before deciding on a relocation package to offer those employees. Keep in mind that, as mentioned in the article, if the employee is worth relocating, he or she is worth a fair compensation.
  • Research, request bids from and hire licensed corporate movers with consultants who can help plan and manage many of the details of a turnkey corporate move for you. Make sure the moving company you hire is insured and their insurance includes proper workers' compensation insurance coverage.  Request a copy of the mover's insurance. Many office buildings require it.
  • After you have met with and hired your corporate movers, you will know what details of the move you will handle and what the moving company will take care of. You can then form your own corporate move checklist with a timeframe for each step. Use 20 Tips for Smoother Office Moves to help create your checklist.

Chipman Relocations, a moving company in business since 1939, knows how to plan and manage successful, turnkey corporate moves, whether relocating on campus or across the world. Contact a representative now to discuss your stress-free relocation and request a free corporate move estimate.

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