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Chipman Relocation & Logistics can meet your freight transportation needs on a domestic and international scale. We partner with a vast network of sister agencies to provide comprehensive transportation services to more than 180 countries around the globe.

We can deliver against your most demanding timetables, and we tailor transportation solutions to fit your business and your budget. Our fleet of modern vehicles is equipped to carry even the most sensitive or complex freight.

Chipman freight transportation has been trusted for 80 years by major businesses around the world. Contact us today to learn how Chipman can optimize your freight logistics.

Chipman’s Freight Transportation Services

At Chipman, we combine our own fleet and warehouse structure with an international network of logistics agencies in order to provide the most reliable and flexible freight transport solutions to businesses.

Full Truckload

Chipman provides full truckload transportation (FTL) to domestic and international clients through our strategic partnership with United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit. We offer a range of standard and specialized vehicles to guarantee the protection of your goods, along with modern industry resources for complete transportation management.

Logistics truckload services include:

  • Dry van
  • Blanket wrap/padded van
  • Liftgate
  • Expedited
  • Climate Control

Less Than Truckload

Chipman offers less-than-truckload transportation (LTL) worldwide with the same expediency as our full truckload services. Thanks to our global logistics network, your goods will be transported on the vehicle type of your choice and delivered within your timetable. We understand that LTL freight is often expedited. We have the resources to meet your transport needs, however urgent, in more than 180 nations.

Logistics LTL services include:

  • Common carrier for packaged freight
  • Expedited transport
  • Blanket wrap
  • Liftgate
  • Inside pick up and/or delivery

Specialty Transportation

Chipman offers a wide variety of domestic and international transportation options to meet your unique shipping requirements. Our experienced network of service providers understands the importance of customer satisfaction, and our network is capable of meeting the challenges of climate control, cryogenics, and generator moves for your most sensitive shipments.

Logistics specialty services include:

  • Climate control
  • Cryogenics
  • Generator equipment (continuous power)
  • Intermodal (rail)

Tailor-made Speciality Transport Solutions

How do we choose the best carrier to ship your cargo? A Chipman logistics manager dedicated to your transport operations negotiates competitive rates, issues bills of lading, and manages the routing of your shipments by truck, rail, and ocean. Chipman’s state-of-the-art tracking ensures you have full visibility throughout the entire process.

Our tailored logistics services resolve potential challenges and streamline the transportation of your goods around the world.

  • Global FCL/LCL
  • Import and Export
  • Door-to-Door Service
  • Cargo Tracking & Full Web Visibility
  • Customized Reporting
Mover rolling blue crates onto truck

Specialized Freight Solutions

Our team of experts assists you with international container and non-container shipments including out-of-gauge (OOG) and roll-on-roll-off (RO-RO) specialized equipment projects. We handle parcels of all sizes and include arrangements for U.S. inland transport.

To find the most efficient solution for your specialty freight, Chipman professionals will analyze and test multiple transport options. We may even create novel transport solutions to fit your logistics needs.

shipping container

Intermodal & Multimodal Transportation

Chipman offers efficient multimodal and intermodal transportation options for shipments that require a combination of road, rail, or ocean transport.

Multimodal or intermodal transportation is ideal if fluctuating fuel costs, driver shortages, and highway conditions affect your bottom line. A Chipman logistics specialist can identify the most cost-effective and reliable means for transporting shipments both domestically and internationally.

Freight Forwarding

Chipman’s international freight forwarding services are designed for your freight and budget. We are able to meet the most demanding requirements for on-time performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Freight forwarding services include:

Air Freight Forwarding

Chipman freight forwarding specialists can arrange for overnight, next day, second day, or deferred air transport for domestic shipments to keep your supply chain in sync with your timetable. We can also arrange international standards and priority air freight within your budget.

Ocean Freight Forwarding

Chipman maintains relationships with many of the industry’s top cargo carriers and provides full-service ocean freight from all major U.S. ports to destinations around the world.

We negotiate international rates, issue paperwork, and manage shipments on water and land. Our logistics specialists provide world-class service and visibility throughout the entire international shipping process.

White-Glove Services

Whether your freight is oddly shaped, oversized, fragile, or requires complex unboxing and setup, our white-glove service team has the expertise and service training to take on the job.

A Chipman professional will evaluate your project plans to define custom parameters for white-glove handling. We provide recommendations for special equipment, coordinated timetables, inside pick-up/delivery, safety monitoring, and installation.

Our white-glove services go wherever you do business, ensuring the quality of your products and service standards are upheld in over 180 countries.

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